Never Put Up With…


As social animals we’re expected to adjust a little, bear a little and put up with things and people, that may not always be in the best of our interest. Sometimes however, it isn’t just important but necessary too, to not put up with some things. Never put up with…

1. Toxic friends. They tend to suck the life out of you slowly, and before you know it, you’ll be a different person. Recognise the signs and bid goodbye.

2. Disrespect. No matter who it comes from. Stand up for yourself.

3. Bad food. Why? It’s a short life, and hunger is what keeps us striving to get ahead.

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Here’s Some Tough Love For You


Reality is often stranger than fiction, which is probably why we resort to fiction of our own kind, and refuse to face realities of life. Despite how convenient it seems, such attitude is slow poison, that is bound to take you down with it. It is in times like these, that a kind word or two won’t suffice, but tough love will. So here’s some tough love to keep you going, before it’s too late.

1. You are not entitled to anything in life. You aren’t entitled to success, you aren’t entitled to progress, you aren’t entitled to riches. You got to work hard for it, and even then, it will take consistent effort to get you what you want. You don’t get anything in life because you deserve to, you get them because you work for it. Continue reading “Here’s Some Tough Love For You”

What Are You Scared Of?


Life is unpredictable, and so are our minds, and when the two combine, there is bound to be fear. What are you scared of?

Are you scared of being forgotten? Slowly fading in time, away from everything you know, and everything you are? Would it scare you any less, if I were to tell you, it doesn’t matter really if the world remembers you, all that matters is that you don’t forget your own true self in the journey of life.

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Toxic Much? How to Deal With Toxic Relationships


Like it or not, toxic people do exist, and more often, they exist too close to us, right in our circles; it could be a friend, a colleague, a partner or a family member. Relationships that are supposed to nurture and build you, can sometimes do just the opposite, and bring you down instead.

Surprisingly, a lot of us put up with toxic relationships, because we don’t find a way out, or we don’t realize that we’re stuck in a toxic bind.

How do you recognize toxic people?

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Self Love, and Why It’s Important


Would you treat a friend, like you treat yourself?

If we could rate the people we are unkind to, we’d be the first to top our own list. “Love yourself”, we often hear, but why is it so difficult to follow such a positive thought?

Kindness, I believe, should begin at home, and let that home, begin with your heart. Our conditioning to be humble, sometimes affects us negatively, when we misunderstand self love for arrogance. We are too shy to take compliments, too humble to applaud our own achievements and too harsh on our mistakes. We fail to recognize the wonderful beings that we are, and are most times looking for reminders from the outside. We’re quick to become our own critic, but we take our time to be our own cheerleaders.

Self love isn’t merely a cool, overused word on the internet. In fact, if anything, I think it’s the most unused element. We get so busy dealing with life, that we forget the first person who needs our attention, our own self! Working out, having a good warm beverage on a cold day, spending time doing what we love, are all forms of self care, but self love goes a step ahead.

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Dangers of Instant Gratification


“Google It” I say, every time I come across something unfamiliar. Sometimes I don’t even wait to have a discussion about it. Before I know it, Google is already open in my phone with several results, as I surf through and quickly satisfy my curiosity.

We want everything, and we want it now! We go to the gym and start looking for changes in a week, get disappointed when we don’t see any, blame the trainer, skip to a different gym or binge eat in dejection, or leave working out altogether. A crack on our phone screens give us major OCD, and we get our phones replaced without even thinking of an alternative. We break up, and we replace love with rebound, much before we give our hearts the time to heal. Messages in our phone need to be answered immediately. Continue reading “Dangers of Instant Gratification”