Enveloped in greenery and blooming flowers around me, a cup of tea next to my laptop patiently awaits my attention. The weather is pleasantly beautiful. Sunshine has been playing peek-a-boo with a yellow rose fluttering in the breeze, for quite a while now. I hear sparrows chirping, as i do every morning, I see pigeons taking flight and a honeybee seems way too interested in what I’m doing right now, for I possibly cannot explain why it keeps coming back to check on me often. Sitting in the balcony that was carefully done to be my dreamy getaway spot, I’m filled with gratitude, to be able to enjoy mornings like these. I’m thankful that we still have birds visiting us, the plants blooming, the colors of flowers around me, and the solace I find here. I’m grateful, grateful to be able to cherish these little things, grateful to find joy in it.

We’re all too busy leading ideal lives, checking things off our list, chasing perfection and keeping up with the times, that we just can’t afford to look around and be thankful for things anymore. We have our eyes on the next big promotion, the next house to buy, and the next war to discuss, that we forget to notice the simple things around us, and the simple joys they bring.

We’ve become a thankless specie, that forgets to be grateful for all that we have. We aren’t thankful for the seas we have, we throw plastic in them instead. We aren’t thankful for the flowers that bloom, we take away the bees from them instead. We aren’t thankful for the fresh air, we pollute it instead. We sing songs of the mountains, but only after we’ve cut down trees to make holiday homes in it. We plant the best of fruits, but infest them with pesticides. When did we stop becoming so thankless to not notice the beauty we’re abundantly surrounded with?

We can’t change what happens beyond our control, we sure can’t change the world, but while it lasts let’s keep our eyes open to the beauty around us. The blue skies, the fresh air, the greens and the chirping birds, who’s to say how long they’ll last going by how fast the earth is changing. I find myself more upbeat, happy and lively, when I pay attention to nature around me, than my mobile screen. Why don’t we do it more often? Why do we turn a blind eye to all the beauty and joy around us.

The world doesn’t need more of pick me up drugs and morphine. All it needs is more attentive eyes and open hearts to be able to enjoy and nurture the beauty we’re surrounded with. Chase butterflies, throw pebbles into puddles of water, feed the birds, touch the dandelions, notice the dew drops on the grass on misty mornings and climb trees. The world needs to stop running, and enjoy the journey instead; to stop racing, and cherish the race track instead.

All that the world needs, is for us to stop running, and stop and smell the roses instead.

2 thoughts on “Stop and Smell the Roses

  1. Thanks Jiji, So nicely written.It goes to my heart and rReminds me of the story of the extremely successful businessman who at a 20-year school reuinion got the question what was his most important learning. His answer was “I have finally learnt to appreciatethe scent of roses”. 🙂


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