With each passing day, the world seems to be getting a little crazier. We’re all so busy running races, chasing the impossible, battling our emotions, fighting ourselves and each other, that we’re defeating the very purpose of living – to live, to breathe, to just be! At any given time, there are a hundred thoughts clouding our mind, ghosts hiding under our beds, and dreams that rust in bruised corners of our hearts.

When running around, paying bills, adulting, and just life in general, takes a toll, each of us wish to go back in time, when being an adult was a fantasy that seemed too far away. We may have not realized it then, but childhood was way more easy, fun and simple. “Life was not supposed to be this tough” we think, “If only I could be a child again” we think. Unfortunately time doesn’t work that way. What can still work though, is what worked then, when we were children.

What was it that made life so beautiful back then? Sure, there weren’t responsibilities to handle and that helped, but was it all that simplified life for us? If we could do it once, we sure can do it again.  It will however, take a little effort to be children again.

So how do we learn from children, and our own childhood, to live better now?

Find joy in simple pleasures. Have you ever seen a kid playing with water bubbles, or having an ice cream? They seem to enjoy it, as if it were the biggest prize of their life. They appreciate the simple pleasures of life, and find gratitude in the simplest of things. Uncomplicate life, and start noticing the little things around you. Find joy in the sunrise, drenching in rain, a cup of coffee or jumping in puddles, and you’ll agree that you’re surrounded by immense joy. With an overworked mind, it may not always be easy to notice these simple pleasures, but it sure is worth it.

Let your heart guide you. Children are the epitome of innocence, because they don’t function with their brains, but their hearts. Don’t over think and analyze everything in life. Leave the calculations to a calculator, your brain has too many things to process already.  It may not always seem practical to take decisions based on how you feel, but give that mind a rest often, and let your heart guide you through life. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see the wonders your heart can do.

Be happy, without a reason. We are so busy looking for happiness, that we forget to notice that we already have it. Having goals in life is important, but you don’t always have to attach happiness to an achievement. Be happy because you’re blessed than several others, because you’re alive, because you can be happy! Instead of searching for happiness, find happiness in life itself!

People don’t matter. Dance like nobody is watching, because nobody is. You don’t necessarily have to dance, but no matter what you want to do in life, don’t let people’s opinion on it effect you. Wear those quirky clothes you love, and wear it with pride. Break into a dance in the middle of your day, if that makes you happy. Chase that dream, irrespective of what people tell you. The reason why children seem happier, is because they have more dreams and fewer people in their heads. What people think of you, is their business, not yours. People don’t matter, your life does!

Forgive and forget. It’s common to see children fighting, pulling each other’s hair and vow never to be friends again, only to patch up and become best friends ten minutes later! How long do children cry over bruised knees and broken pencils? When they do cry, it seems like the end of the world, but before you know it, they are chasing butterflies and laughing again. Forgive and forget mistakes, be it someone else’s or your own. Let go off grudges and chase butterflies again!

Crush the ego. As children, we never knew what ego was! With each growing year, we take in traits, some handed to us by the world, and some that we learn on our own. Sadly not all these traits are positive. One such evil is ego! It only makes life more difficult and relationships harder. Stay humble. By all means protect your self-respect, but when your ego knocks the door, ask it to come back later, pretending to be a child who still has time to take on such vices.

Live in the moment. Cherish each day, for the gift that it is. Live in the moment truly. Practice zen living and mindfulness. Don’t let your body be at one place, and your mind in another. Turn off that mobile, stop worrying about the office during vacation, get over a broken heart, stop turning your back to a view nature trying to capture it in a selfie. Leave the past where it belongs, let the future await you, and make the most of the present.

Play. All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. Take breaks from routine, and make your own playground with hobbies, activities, vacations or parties, that remind you that you, you aren’t after all a working machine, but human.Stop taking everything seriously, and play along sometimes.

We once wished for childhood to end, and it is now that we realize what a dream we wished away. Don’t let the same happen with life. So keep an eye on the children around you for inspiration, or look back at your childhood. Let’s all be children again, for the world is in need of more happy faces.

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