People are watching. The one concern that’s made many self conscious, to a point where they don’t get to live free. Unlike what you think, people aren’t actually watching as you walk by the pavement or slip and fall off one. People are all too obsessed with their own lives, to be noticing you, unless you actually do something to grab their attention. If you do make a fool of yourself and people do watch, they will forget it in a few minutes. People have too many things in their own life to handle, to be obsessed about yours.

I’m not lucky. Nobody is lucky. It takes hardwork, determination, grit and commitment, to achieve the flashy car, better body, dream career or the big house, that you think the lucky ones have. Even the ones who get it by fluke, have their own battles that don’t get highlighted. Decisions, not destiny determines luck.

I’ll do it tomorrow. I can’t stress on the number of projects I lost, diets I didn’t begin, and things that remained untouched, all because I decided to do it tomorrow. If you can do it tomorrow, it’s best done today.

I regret. When you look back at the past with regret, you miss out on the lessons it had to offer. Every mistake and ill fortune, comes your way to teach you something. Replace regrets with lessons, and  you’ll see a more positive change in how you think and feel about life and people.

I hate myself. Never, I repeat, never ever, use a word as strong as hate, especially for your own self. Self love is the base for all things wonderful. When you’re kind and gentle to your own self, life follows suit. Self love attracts positivity, and makes life in general much easier, no matter what the circumstance. Nobody is perfect. We’re humans after all. Embrace your flaws and fix what needs to be fixed, but be kind to yourself when you do it. More battles were avoided with love, than the ones that began with hate.


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