Dealing With Negativity Within


No matter how positive a person you may be, or working to be, we all have phases that get the best of us; phases where we don’t feel our best in, overthink, complain, let things spiral off control, have one bad day after the other, get overwhelmed, get lazy, or just let negativity hover in our heads. We are all humans after all, and cannot be in our best forms all the time. However, it is important that we deal with negative emotions and phases when we realize it, instead of just letting it pass, hoping it will disappear someday. If we aren’t careful enough, it can soon get the best of us, silently. So, how do you deal with negativity that arises from within, that brings unpleasant changes out? Simply put, what do you do when you don’t feel like yourself?

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Stop and Smell the Roses


Enveloped in greenery and blooming flowers around me, a cup of tea next to my laptop patiently awaits my attention. The weather is pleasantly beautiful. Sunshine has been playing peek-a-boo with a yellow rose fluttering in the breeze, for quite a while now. I hear sparrows chirping, as i do every morning, I see pigeons taking flight and a honeybee seems way too interested in what I’m doing right now, for I possibly cannot explain why it keeps coming back to check on me often. Sitting in the balcony that was carefully done to be my dreamy getaway spot, I’m filled with gratitude, to be able to enjoy mornings like these. I’m thankful that we still have birds visiting us, the plants blooming, the colors of flowers around me, and the solace I find here. I’m grateful, grateful to be able to cherish these little things, grateful to find joy in it.

We’re all too busy leading ideal lives, checking things off our list, chasing perfection and keeping up with the times, that we just can’t afford to look around and be thankful for things anymore. We have our eyes on the next big promotion, the next house to buy, and the next war to discuss, that we forget to notice the simple things around us, and the simple joys they bring.

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5 Things You Should Stop Telling Yourself


People are watching. The one concern that’s made many self conscious, to a point where they don’t get to live free. Unlike what you think, people aren’t actually watching as you walk by the pavement or slip and fall off one. People are all too obsessed with their own lives, to be noticing you, unless you actually do something to grab their attention. If you do make a fool of yourself and people do watch, they will forget it in a few minutes. People have too many things in their own life to handle, to be obsessed about yours.

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Motivation Killers, and Ways to Fix Them


Lethargic, lazy  and unmotivated! Do these words ring a bell? They sure do to me! A serial procrastinator, I have two phases in general. One where I’m extremely motivated, ready to take on the world, helping myself through self help articles all over the internet, quickly reading up books , on my feet at work, and busy as a bee off work too, trying to check things off my list. The other is lying amidst cookie crumbles on the couch, binge watching tv shows, and making excuses to skip doing any kind of work, while I toggle between social media and an article listing 101 ways to kill time from the couch. While the former makes me feel alive and happy, the latter doesn’t do a great job at how I feel about myself or life, but is yet addictive.

It is only natural to lack behind our plans once a while. No mater what we believe, we aren’t superhumans after all. However, if this persists for a long period of time, creeping into the spaces of your life, effecting your work, personal life or your idea of success, it’s time to refllect on habits that make you lethargic, and keep you unmotivated.

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Life Lessons – Game of Thrones Style


Over the years, I had heard so much about Game of Thrones, been flooded with updates and supposed spoilers on my social media feed, and seen so many GOT memes, that I thought I knew enough about the show from people, and didn’t need to see it  myself. I wouldn’t have been surprised if I’d get to see updates of  the show on the news, considering the passion and seriousness with which people across the world watched, discussed, dissected, worshiped and lived the show. I finally changed my mind and decided to see what all the craze was about, six years after it first aired! I’ll admit, I’m late to the party, but I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

As I caught up with seasons, binge watching one after the other, I realized I had something more to learn from the series, than just castles, dragons and white walkers. Throughout the series, I couldn’t help but notice, how a purpose, willingness and determination seemed to dominate several characters and their journeys. Here are some life lessons that I found hidden, amidst the magnificence, royalty, gore and grandeur of the show.

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Why you’re better off without a credit card


“Don’t do it!” I remember my friend giving me one last warning, before I stepped to the other side, the side where the evil dangers of credits lurked. Ignoring her warning, and of several others’, I went ahead and applied for a credit card anyway. I didn’t understand the over reactions back then. It was after all, just a card, and not any different from my debit card. Years later, I sit here, hoping I had taken all the warnings seriously, and steered clear from it. As  I still deal with the aftermath of it, let me explain why having a credit card is a terrible idea, and why you’re better off without it.

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How to feel better on a bad day


Bad days are like uninvited guests that we can’t wait to get rid of, but end up becoming patient hosts to, instead. However, sulking over a bad mood or a bad day isn’t going to do much. It will in fact, make things worse. It is important to acknowledge how you feel, even when the feeling is not quite pleasant, but you don’t have to let yourself dwell in it. It may not be easy to turn a bad day around but you sure can make it tolerable, with a little effort. Let me take you through a few tips to help you feel better on a bad day.

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