Get Over the Fear of Happiness


Do you ever find yourself scared, or slightly skeptic, in the middle of a perfectly happy phase? When everything seems to go on well, do you wonder secretly how long will the happiness last? When things are absolutely fine, do you find yourself worried that something bad will soon happen to compensate for all the good you’ve been receiving? If you’ve been smiling and nodding in affirmative to these questions, be assured that you’re not alone in the journey.

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What Are You Scared Of?


Life is unpredictable, and so are our minds, and when the two combine, there is bound to be fear. What are you scared of?

Are you scared of being forgotten? Slowly fading in time, away from everything you know, and everything you are? Would it scare you any less, if I were to tell you, it doesn’t matter really if the world remembers you, all that matters is that you don’t forget your own true self in the journey of life.

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IT – Socially Scary!

mads-schmidt-rasmussen-186319-unsplash-e1529316950395.jpgA self confessed coward, I rarely gather the courage to watch horror movies. I tend to take the ghosts home, long after the movie is over, and my imaginative mind gives them a home both in my head, and under the bed. With the conscious effort of stepping out of my comfort zone, I convinced myself to watch Andrés Muschietti’s IT. ‘How hard could it be?’ I thought, with no prior knowledge of the movie or its reviews. All I saw was a clown and a balloon, and convinced myself that it would be just another attempt at horror, eventually evolving as funny more than scary. Oh boy! I was wrong, and how! Although there have been contradicting reviews across the world if Pennywise was scary enough, it sure was beyond scary for a horror amateur like me.

However, what struck me the most was that IT was not merely a horror movie. It could have been, and it’d still be as popular, but there was more to the movie than immense gore, Pennywise’s growing canines, dangling zombies and ghosts with missing body parts. Reflections of several social plights have been depicted throughout, in a subtle yet outstanding manner. What makes it better, is that such concerns weren’t just on display for the audience to gasp about, but were also dealt with, by their respective victims.

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