I am an ardent advocate of self love. Over the years through the ups and downs of life,  I’ve learned to love myself, place myself first, and really be kind to myself. I am much in love with who I am, and who I can be. Self love is often misunderstood to be selfish, but if we don’t learn to love ourselves, what standards are we setting for others to follow? Every change, every joy in life, begins with our love for ourselves, and the acceptance that we are indeed amazing, and deserve it all.

However,  it’s not until very recently, that I realized my concept of self love is flawed. I came across this truly great read “You Can Heal Your Life” by  Louise Hay. It’s an exceptional self-help read with very simple, yet profound take on our mind and thoughts, and the effect it has on our body, emotions, life, and the people around us. The book provides an insight on self love and how it has the power to heal your life. Learning more about the idea of self love, got me thinking of all that I knew about it earlier.

We think we love ourselves, but do we really? We walk around with our heads held high, our persona reflecting all that we think of ourselves. Yet there’s so much more we can do, because if we truly loved ourselves like we loved a very dear friend or a partner, would we treat them the same way we unknowingly treat our own selves?

It’s easier to take some things for granted without realizing it, especially when it comes to self. We may think that we have immense self love, but do we really? Here’s what I realized, we often let happen, that comes from our lack of self love. If we loved ourselves truly:

1. Would we stop chasing our dreams, and let real life take over? Listen to every seemingly pratical talk that asks us to stay within our comfort zones, and not reach for the stars?

2. Would we take our health for granted? Would we keep ignoring that long pending gym visit, or stuff our bodies with food that satisfy us emotionally but does more damage physically.

3. Would we still be lazy, and not do things that we know will change our lives, and make us happy?

4. Would we ignore the signs our body and mind send us, to take  a break, get some rest, and do nothing, when life gets overwhelmingly hectic?

5. Would we stay in bad relationships, or toxic friendships? Letting ourselves be treated the wrong way? Make up excuses for bad behavior and unacceptale conditions?

6. Would we keep ourselves away from the things and experiences we truly deserve? Waiting for a special occasion, or the right moment to treat ourselves?

7. Would we harm our minds, over-thinking and over-analyzing? Trying to make our own  sense of everything, without letting go?

8. Would we always depend on someone else to make us feel special? To make us feel alive?

9. Would we stop taking our present, our experiences, our memories, our days for granted, stuck in the past or anxious about the future?

10. Would we compare ourselves with the others we see on social media, not knowing their journeys, and demeaning our own?

11. Would we seek validation from others, before we gave it to our own selves?

12. Would we still treat ourselves the way we do?

Perhaps if we looked deeper into our lives, the habits we stick to, the people we let in, the routine we make, and the story we write, we’d see that we’re still a long way away, from truly loving ourselves. The wonderful being that each one of us is, we sure deserve to treat ourselves better, even in little ways, rather, especially in little ways.

So if you think you love yourself, think again! Delve a little deeper, be a little kinder to your own self, and give yourself a little more love.

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