I’ve had a very busy schedule of late, leaving me little to no time for productive activities outside work. I found myself with far less time to read as much as I did before, and explore resources for motivation, when things started getting hectic. But when you can’t find a way, you got to make one, and that’s how I developed a new habit, a little change that has been doing wonders to my mind, attitude, and life.

I replaced my playlist that I’d listen to, on my way to, and back from work, with inspirational audios and self help audiobooks on YouTube. There’s no denying that it is nice to listen to your favorite tunes during commute, but I’d strongly suggest giving the habit of listening to motivational videos during the time, a try. I find myself more charged up, especially on the way to work, less frustrated in traffic because being stuck in traffic also means getting to hear a few more minutes of motivation, and generally aware while driving. It also pulls my mind out of the very comfortable auto pilot mode I often slip into while driving.

If you’re not comfortable replacing your playlist altogether, you can listen to them during one part of your commute, or for a few minutes. You could also listen to them while getting ready for work, cooking, or just any other daily activities that take up your time.

This habit has made me more positive, kept me productive in the busiest of times, and made me look forward to each new day.

Do give it a try and let me know how this little change works for you. Choose your area of interest either to get motivated, or educate yourself further in your own field, or a new one  – the possibilities are endless!

Here are few regulars on YouTube that I listen to, if you’re looking for a start. Do drop in your suggestions as well. I’d love to explore more genres.

Tonny Robbins

Brian Tracy

Mel Robbins

Bob Proctor

Wayne Dyre

Amy Landino

Pick Up Limes


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