Do you ever find yourself scared, or slightly skeptic, in the middle of a perfectly happy phase? When everything seems to go on well, do you wonder secretly how long will the happiness last? When things are absolutely fine, do you find yourself worried that something bad will soon happen to compensate for all the good you’ve been receiving? If you’ve been smiling and nodding in affirmative to these questions, be assured that you’re not alone in the journey.

Fear of happiness stems from our notion, that happiness is not normal, but the opposite or absence of it is. Life is often advocated as a struggle, an uphill battle that gets tougher with age, and while several different emotions go along with the journey, happiness is a reward you get once a while. Time to ask the important question now – Who made these rules? Nobody did! Sure, life isn’t as easy as it was back when you were a kid, but nobody said it has to be sad while it gets difficult. Let go off the idea, that happiness is a rare occurrence. Life may not always be a bed of roses, and it sure will come with its share of challenges, but it is these moments and tough times, that you ought to see as rare occurrences, the ones that make their presence felt once a while, only to fade and give way back to happiness again.

It is especially easy to be scared of happiness, when it comes to you after a long bout of pain and sorrow. Humans that we are, we tend to stick to our comfort zones. Sometimes, we tend to get so familiar with sorrow when it’s lasted for a while, that we find ourselves afraid of accepting happiness. In times like these, make conscious efforts to remind yourself what’s supposed to be permanent, and what isn’t (hint: happiness gets to stay)

Everyone deserves to be happy, and that includes you! It isn’t a gift conferred to a few. Think of happiness as a birth right, for it is just that. Don’t wait for happiness to come to you, go out and create it instead. Get comfortable with happiness, and make it an everyday state.  Find joy in the simplest of things from a cup of coffee to a great conversation. Keep your eyes open to what makes you happy, and you’ll find that happiness is more common than you think, and something that common, should be cherished, not feared.

When you find yourself in the middle of an extremely happy phase, yet worried about losing it, remind yourself, that you deserve every bit of it. Get comfortable with the idea of being happy. Good times bring you memories, bad times leave you with lessons that will only lead to making better choices in the future.

Happiness isn’t extra ordinary for it to be treated so. It’s a part and parcel of your every day life. It’s not going anywhere, and if it is, it’s because it plans to make way for something much better. Grab your right to be happy!

5 thoughts on “Get Over the Fear of Happiness

  1. Well this spoke volumes to me. This exact thing happens to me sometimes. I keep wondering if something is going to happen to change how happy I am. Also, I have a fear that if my relationship is too good that something tragic will happen to one of us and ruin it. I’ve been working so hard to stop thinking like that. Good to know I’m not alone.


    1. I understand! We’re all told to be careful all the time, that we think happiness or a good relationship is out of the ordinary. I feel that too at times, and remind myself that I deserve every bit of it! There’s a saying in a local language here for when someone laughs too much “Don’t laugh too much, or something bad will happen”. That’s how deep the fear of happiness is instilled in people that they dread laughing out heartily! It’s so important for all of us to remind ourselves and each other, that we have every bit of right to be the happy wonderful beings that we are! One life to live after all 🙂

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