It’s been a while that I stepped into the other side of twenties, a side I once hoped, would magically get delayed forever. As I look back, life and I seem to have evolved much beyond my imagination, so much that I cannot help but compare, how life changes in early and late twenties. While the words I list now are experiences from the pages of my life, I wouldn’t be surprised if most in their twenties echo the same change in themselves too.


Early 20’s: The more the merrier! Let’s all hustle together in one big group, party, travel and make the most of now! Doesn’t matter how healthy or unhealthy some of these friendships can be, all that matters is I have friends, lots of them!
Late 20’s: Spare me the numbers, the shopping group, the fun group, the finds me a rock star group, the finds me a dud group, the travel group, the party group. I don’t mind having a ton of acquaintances, but I can and will, only call a selected few my friends, the ones who truly matter. Quality over quantity!


Early 20’s:  Where can I go to shop, take beautiful pictures and freak out?
Late 20’s: Where can I go to relax, take a break and find solace in mature?


Early 20’s: For now, I’m only concerned about the money I get here!
Late 20’s: Job satisfaction, Work environment, job role, colleagues, extent of office politics, work life balance, leaves, future opportunities, oh yes, salary too!


Early 20’s: Where’s the party? Where do I go shopping? Oh gosh, so many people to meet and such less time! Despite the time constraint, any cancelled plan was never good news.
Late 20’s: Doomed is the human who dares disturb my 48 hours of “eat sleep couch potato repeat” plan. Cancelled plans are now proof that God’s listening to my prayers.


Early 20’s: Do I look good enough? Am I awkward socially? How should I behave when I’m amidst certain people? The twentieth dress I try from my closet, should probably look good for the party.
Late 20’s: “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” I think, beholding my own view in front of the mirror. I am so truly, madly, and deeply in love with my own self, that only constructive criticism is welcome. Being comfortable in my own skin, spills into my comfort among people too.


Early 20’s: Romance, dates and some drama.
Late 20’s: Compatibility, comfort and long-term happiness.


Early 20’s: Spend it all, you’ve got one life to live after all! Being broke can be cool to. You’re young just once.
Late 20’s: Why didn’t I save earlier enough? Am I paying all my bills on time? I should stack some money aside for emergencies.


Early 20’s: Let me post my tenth selfie! Oh, we should all take a group picture and have matching display pictures. Wait, did I post my pictures from my last vacation? What’s the point of travelling if I don’t post pictures on the network? A little show off never hurts.
Late 20’s: Scroll through the news feed, tag friends in memes, and change the display picture once a while. Also, when will these really lame people stop posting pictures of every vacation and event of their lives? Where’s the unfollow button?


Early 20’s: There’s forever to think about it. I’m young, wild and free! I never want to get old.
Late 20’s: I am growing old, and growing up too, and surprisingly, it doesn’t upset me. With each passing year, I only seem to be gaining more experience.


Early 20’s: I’ve got only one life. Live each day at a time! Tomorrow isn’t my concern, today is!
Late 20’s: Today is still my concern, but tomorrow is too. I’ve got only one life, and I can’t afford to waste it without having done anything worthwhile. What is the purpose of my life? How can I add meaning to it? What can I do to make the most of the life I’ve got?

How many of these can you relate to?

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