“There’s a reason we are called human beings, not human doings” – Unknown

It’s only after an impromptu stop at a coffee shop after a regular swim class that I’d usually rush out of, to get to my next tasks of the day, sitting in the close comforts of a book and some heartful conversations, did I ask myself – how often do we do this? How often do we take time out to enjoy doing nothing? The simple joys of being in a moment, cherishing a cup off coffee, or spending time doing nothing, yet cherishing that nothingness. We’re all too busy either doing things, or failing to do them, meeting targets or failing to meet them, working towards goals, or failing to work towards them, but once in a while, it’s OK to not belong to either of the sides.

Such is our addiction to stick to a time-table, that we even up planning when to take a break, and how to spend that break too. Sometimes though, it’s OK to ‘not plan’. It’s OK to take some time off, stop looking at the clock altogether, and just be. It’s OK to not fret about life, you bills, you relationships, your work, your future, your past, your certainties and uncertainties, for a while. It’s OK to not wait for Sundays, to pamper yourself, it’s OK to take a break on Monday, It’s OK to not wait for Fridays to get excited, it’s OK to meet a friend in the middle of the week out of the blue, it’s OK to let the door be shut and not rush out of it, it’s OK to play with your dog and get lost in time, it’s OK to sit by the window and watch the rain, and let time pass by, it’s OK to take some time, and do nothing!

I’m not advocating turning into a couch potato or binge watching Netflix when your deadlines are long dead. Sometimes however, give yourself a break, take a day off, or dedicate that weekend all to your own self, your own interests. Once in a while, stop and smell the roses, hear the birds chirp, cuddle with a book in a blanket, and forget that you only have 24 hours in a day. Instead, get excited that you have 1440 minutes in a day!

There are miles to go before we sleep, but without a break on the way, the miles will only end up being a commute, not an eventful journey. So, take some time out, and do nothing! But don’t forget to breathe in, and cherish that nothingness! We don’t have to always think or do something all the time. It’s absolutely OK to just be! After all, there’s a reason we are called human beings, not human doings!

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