As social animals we’re expected to adjust a little, bear a little and put up with things and people, that may not always be in the best of our interest. Sometimes however, it isn’t just important but necessary too, to not put up with some things. Never put up with…

1. Toxic friends. They tend to suck the life out of you slowly, and before you know it, you’ll be a different person. Recognise the signs and bid goodbye.

2. Disrespect. No matter who it comes from. Stand up for yourself.

3. Bad food. Why? It’s a short life, and hunger is what keeps us striving to get ahead.

4. Injustice. Simply because it isn’t fair, and every human deserves the justice they deserve.

5. A boring book. Life is too short to be stuck in pages you can’t finish, while keeping other books waiting.

6. Judgement. Never put up with someone else’s judgement of you, what you choose to do or who you are. You’re the only one who should be judging your life.

7. Abuse. Because abusers—physical, sexual or emotional —must know that it is not acceptable, and will never be.

8. Annoying personal questions. They are personal for a reason. “Excuse me, but that is a personal question and very inappropriate for you to ask”. A polite honest answer will do the trick.

9. Comfort zone. Because nothing good ever happens staying in it forever.

10. Discomfort. No, not the good one that comes from moving out of your comfort zone. The physical and mental one, that comes with situations you know don’t align with your values, or beliefs.

Pause and think of all the things that you put up with, which you don’t necessarily have to. If we keep putting up with things that can be handled or let go of with a little effort and will, when will we ever find the time to live?


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