* **Lifeline has a special post today, in collaboration with Candace, from Pocketful of Smiles. Candace and I seem to share a similar mindset about life and relationships, hence this collaboration from two different countries, because the essence of life and its musings are just the same, across the world. Do head to her blog, for snippets on life, relationships and all things positive***

Love is easy they say; relationships aren’t. Well, seems like they haven’t found their right one yet, for that’s not what the right ones make you feel. In a world filled with complex emotions and myriad of people, you’re bound to attract both good and bad, right and wrong. How do you know then, that you’re in love with the right person? More often than not, you just know! Despite the practical world we live in, the emotions we deal with and the battles we fight, our hearts just know when the person we’re with, is the right one. Here are a few more signs that you found the right one.

1. They love you for who you are. They love you with all your imperfections and flaws. They don’t lay conditions for you to be more loved. They understand that you’re human, and bound to be imperfect, or make mistakes. They don’t just love you for your good; they accept your bad and ugly sides too. This way, you feel comfortable to be unapologetically yourself with them.

2. They make your life easier. You don’t wake up with a heavy feeling, nor do you go to bed with a cloud of thoughts. Life is much easier, and obstructions and difficulties too, don’t get the best of you, with an understanding and supporting partner. There’s more positivity in the relationship, in life, and within yourself.

3. They give you your space. You have a sense of freedom and don’t feel restricted in the relationship. They don’t constantly check with you about your whereabouts or plans, nor do they take offense when you have other interests outside the relationship. They also take their own space, because they know how important it is to maintain your individuality, whether or not you’re in a relationship.

4. Arguments are respectful. Two different individuals together, are bound to have differences once a while. However, these differences are discussed with maturity and understanding. Respect for each other is maintained during a disagreement, and the focus is often on finding common ground or reaching a solution, rather than playing the blame game or fighting to win.

5. The relationship feels effortless. You have a genuine friendship with them, so it’s natural and easy to co-exist and enjoy each other’s company. You respect each other’s differences and don’t need to try hard or feel obligated to please one another. Nothing feels like a burden because you genuinely want to do things that will make each other happy.

6. They are transparent with you. You know almost everything there is to know about them and don’t have doubts about who they really are. They have your best interest at heart and don’t take advantage of your weaknesses or try to manipulate your into getting their way. They are honest and clear with their actions and never show signs of any hidden agenda or ulterior motives.

7. They inspire you to be the best version of yourself. With the positivity they bring along, you’re inspired to make positive changes in your life, even without being asked to. You’re inspired to look within yourself and bring out your best, not just in the relationship, but in your own life too. You’ll find yourselves getting a whole lot of compliments from family and friends, about the positive changes in you.

8. You’re free to speak your mind. You don’t have to think twice before expressing yourself. You know that they have the maturity to understand you, and the patience to listen to you when you speak your mind. You aren’t scared of their reactions or how they’ll interpret your words. With such open communication, you never walk on egg shells or feel judged.

9. You’re at peace with yourself. When you’re with the right person, your mind is at ease. You aren’t constantly anxious or worrying about yourself, your partner, your relationship or life in general. You find yourself in peace, content and confident.

10. They don’t shy away from expressing their love. Whether in words or actions, they never shy away from expressing their love for you. They’re proud to say you’re theirs and introduce you to friends and family. They don’t keep you guessing about their feelings for you. There’s no place or confusion or uncertainty in a healthy relationship. Their actions speak louder than their words, and hardly ever contradict the latter.

11. Little things matter. From the way they take care of you when you’re sick, or handle your mood swings, ask you to wear your seat belt, help with your bags, or make sure you’ve eaten—such little things they do effortlessly, often reflect the immense love and care they hold for you. These little things often matter most, and trumps the special occasions or grand gestures.

12. They believe in equality. They understand that relationships are made of two different, but equal people. They don’t put you down, alone or in a crowd, or ever try to control your behavior. They don’t expect or make you take on everything alone. They share the load—be it finances, running a house, or taking care of the children.

13. They don’t just value you; they value your world too. This involves your friends, family and the journey you share with them. The right person will make genuine efforts to bond with people you care about, and opt to share special occasions with those people as much as theirs. If for some reason they don’t fancy someone in your world, they’d maintain respectable distance without forcing their choice/opinion on you.

14. They seek a genuine interest in you. The right person won’t just take you out on dates because it’s the norm, they will ask you questions about yourself and your life. They genuinely want to know about you—what you like and dislike, what your values are, or what your goals in life are etc.

15. They are in it for the long run. The right partner does not keep you guessing about a future together. They mention you in their future plans and look forward to a life with you. They are in it for the long run!

In a nutshell, the right partner makes the relationship and your life together easier, comfortable and fun too. You may not always need someone to make you happy, but when you do have someone by your side, and the right person at that, life just gets a whole lot interesting.

9 thoughts on “15 Signs You’ve Found ‘The One’

  1. Thank you so much again for this collaboration Jiji. It was indeed a pleasure writing with you.

    It’s feels great knowing that even though we are from different parts of the world, with different cultures and background, we both had very similar thoughts on what having the right person in your life is like. I think it just makes our list very plausible!!

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