“What is it about festivals, that tends to humble us down?” I wonder, as India celebrates the much loved festival of lights today, tonight, to be precise.

An air of happiness and simplicity — despite the display of fireworks and elaborate efforts put into adding lights and beauty in each house and street—surrounds me as I write this. People seem happier, as if they never had any sorrows, they seem excited about things, from firecrackers to savories, get togethers to celebrations, so much, that it almost seems like they’re excited for life in all its glory. It’s as if one day negates every other day that may not have been as pleasant. It’s beautiful to see people putting their ego, unhappiness, doubts and tragedies aside, for one happy day that is magical enough to seem like the beginning of similar days ahead.

Diwali today, Christmas tomorrow, Eid next, yet the spirit of festivals remain the same. They hold the true magic of new beginnings, the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, positivity over negativity and hope over despair. Homes get warmer and hearts get kinder, when festivities break barriers between people of different faiths and social classes alike. Mythological reasons aside, the joy and unity it brings among people, must be reason enough to celebrate festivals. Who would ever have a problem with good food, new clothes, loved ones around and a little celebration in the air?

Even life deserves a holiday once a while, and festivals seem to do just that. Take a break, mentally, emotionally, physically, and celebrate! May each day of your life be as magical as these festivals, and as positive as the spirit of our hearts on such days. Happy Diwali!

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