Stop and Smell the Roses


Enveloped in greenery and blooming flowers around me, a cup of tea next to my laptop patiently awaits my attention. The weather is pleasantly beautiful. Sunshine has been playing peek-a-boo with a yellow rose fluttering in the breeze, for quite a while now. I hear sparrows chirping, as i do every morning, I see pigeons taking flight and a honeybee seems way too interested in what I’m doing right now, for I possibly cannot explain why it keeps coming back to check on me often. Sitting in the balcony that was carefully done to be my dreamy getaway spot, I’m filled with gratitude, to be able to enjoy mornings like these. I’m thankful that we still have birds visiting us, the plants blooming, the colors of flowers around me, and the solace I find here. I’m grateful, grateful to be able to cherish these little things, grateful to find joy in it.

We’re all too busy leading ideal lives, checking things off our list, chasing perfection and keeping up with the times, that we just can’t afford to look around and be thankful for things anymore. We have our eyes on the next big promotion, the next house to buy, and the next war to discuss, that we forget to notice the simple things around us, and the simple joys they bring.

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Simple joys with Hygge


For years, I found joy in the simplest of things. Little things, I call them. My belief that there can be immense pleasure and beauty in everyday ordinary activities, was a feeling hard to explain, harder to convince. In this fast paced life, it’ll only be a wonder if you find the time to stop and smell the roses. It is not our fault that we are like this, running frantically, with no idea where to, but for sure fast enough to seem busy and leave the rest behind. We are in constant competition and comparison, squeezing every second from the minute we get, trying hard to give our best, beat time, and make the most of the time we get.

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Be a child again! Things to learn from children


With each passing day, the world seems to be getting a little crazier. We’re all so busy running races, chasing the impossible, battling our emotions, fighting ourselves and each other, that we’re defeating the very purpose of living – to live, to breathe, to just be! At any given time, there are a hundred thoughts clouding our mind, ghosts hiding under our beds, and dreams that rust in bruised corners of our hearts.

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