She is…

A strong wind, the kind that threatens to pull you with it, but you don’t seem to mind, much to your own surprise. The kind that lingers even after it’s long gone. The one that people talk about, the one that engraves a place in your memory, only to stay.

A fire, the one that rages, reflecting in your eye, the one that you stop to stare.Flames flicker as she breathes, lighting everything around her, people and their souls.

Stop her, and you’ll see, she stops for nothing, she stops for no one. She won’t just break barriers, she’ll take you along too.

Break her, and you’ll learn, she isn’t the one to break. She breaks shackles instead, every single one that they try to limit her in. She’s  a child of freedom, and free is what she’ll be.

Question her, and you won’t find answers from her, for she’s the kind  that makes you look for answers within your own self.

Hate her, and you’ll tire yourself of pretending you do, for her mere presence makes you want to envelop her in love.

Lover her, and you’ll find her in you, and you in her.

Look into her eyes, and you’ll see, she is me, and she is you, she is every woman, and every woman is her, strong, fierce and free!

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