It’s one of those contemplative mornings today, where instead of rushing through my mornings, with half my mind on chores, and the other half on the day ahead, I sit back with a cup of coffee in the morning breeze, and relax in my balcony instead. As I sit silently, listening to the chirping of birds trying hard to cut through the sounds of  vehicles making a move to reach places, people going on about their day, children rushing through the lanes, others speeding ahead, I wonder…What’s the rush?

We rush to our schools and workplaces only to crib about Mondays, we rush back home to sit and relax, only to complain that we don’t  have enough of it, we rush through books to reach the ending, only to complain that the book could have been more authentic, we rush through Netflix shows to quickly get to the next season, we rush through the corridors, we rush through conversations and chatter, we rush through way too many living moments! We rush through weekdays for weekends, we rush through weeks for pay days, we rush through months for new beginnings with the new year, all without realizing, that we aren’t just trading off hours and days, we’re in fact trading precious moments of a limited life we have no guarantee of.

When we rush from one task to another, why do we not pause, and celebrate the completion of the task for a moment instead? When we rush through conversations, are we ever thankful to have a patient listener, or an enthusiastic speaker on the other end? When we rush to be some place, do we get to be sure, that we’ll actually be wholly present in the place when we get there? We rush through moments, as if there’s a finish line ahead. What could be the finish line in a finite life? Do we really want to get to the finish line without enjoying the race?

Why are we in such hurry all the time? Why do we always have some place to go, someone else to meet, something else to do? Why do we never take a break, and take a quick glance at the moment we’re rushing through instead? Why does a false sense of urgency always cloud over our heads, stealing from us, the beauty of the moment we’re living in? Why do we forget to experience the beauty of the task, the moment, and place all our bets on finishing it and jumping to the next one instead?

We don’t have to be snails, or slow at our work, to be mindful of the moments we’re trading, but we don’t have to impose a false sense of urgency on ourselves either – only  to trade quality time and work in the process. Life does demand that we pace up sometimes, but pacing up everyday to reach nowhere, is no life either.

Sure we have miles to go before we sleep, but what joy will the miles get, if we don’t  even get to notice the milestones? We may rush through little moments today, thinking it’s just another day, but if we’d look back at all these moments put together – how many precious moments and bits of life have we actually lost?

Let’s not lose moments for momentum. Why wait for the next vacation, or an epiphany, to be mindful and truly experience our actions. We can have the cake and eat it too, as long as we celebrate the journey, instead of rushing through it. So today, if you find yourself rushing through a task, or rushing through the day, without actually experiencing the moment fully – remind yourself – One life to live, what’s the rush?



8 thoughts on “What’s the Rush?

      1. hehe…that’s one way to look at it, but like I wrote life does demand us to pace up, but if we are always in a rush, without actually being mindful of the task we’re doing, aren’t we turning into autopilot robots?


      2. well, it actually depends! i read you’re in the corporate world, so then this is applicable! but if you’re like in the creative fields or into entrepreneurship, then there’s just hustle. :))

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