We weren’t going to work out, were we? I can pretend that we could, but you and I both know, that would be a lie, a lie we had been telling each other for a long time.

It was beautiful in the beginning. I woke up each morning, excited to meet you. My day wouldn’t start without you, and the days that it did, I made sure I caught up with you in the evening. We took selfies every other day, shared a glass of protein shake now and then. I even gave you your space once or twice a week, just so you know, our relationship was healthy, like I aimed to be. My friends and family knew you, and so did my Facebook acquaintances. I was so happy with our relationship, that it started to show on my face. People pointed out that my face was glowing, and that I looked much better and fit. That’s what happy relationships do to you, don’t they?

But how was I to know, that this happiness wouldn’t last forever. I was so in love with you, that I couldn’t see the things you were doing to me. When did you become so controlling? How could I not see it? First, you asked me to stop seeing my favorite people; the junk food vendors and the pizza shops. You weren’t ready to listen to me, when I told you that I had a long association with them, much before you came in the picture, but you refused to listen to me. How could you forget, that they were the reason I had to come to you?You then introduced me to your friends protein and nutrition, and expected me to replace my old friends with them. You made my life bitter, with each passing day, slowly taking all the sugar and sweets away. My sweet tea was replaced with bitter black coffee. When I complained about it, you shut me up with green tea. I worked so hard with you, and yet you rewarded me with animal food — leaves and vegetables. I kept running behind you every day, but we never got ahead, probably because treadmills don’t move, but that is not my problem. I ran for you! You were supposed to take the burdens off my shoulder with your love, but you put weights on them instead, sometimes two three times a week. I keeled, asking for a better relationship, but instead of showing mercy, you asked me to do three more sets of it, twelve times each.When I opened my arms to hug you, you turned away and threw barbells into them instead. Begging for you to see my love, I fell on the floor for you, but you made me hold my breath and do planks instead, and my body and my broken heart, both elevated off the floor. My abdomen hurt, so did my heart, but I still didn’t give up on you.

People continued to compliment how I was looking better each day, but nobody saw the tears my sweat glands cried, and the pain I went through, except my bed. I cried on it’s shoulders talking about you, and before I knew it, we started getting comfortable with each other, so much that I preferred to stay with it, instead of visiting you. I now had a deeper bond with my bed. Why wouldn’t I? It didn’t keep me on my toes, it kept me warm and comfortable, and let me sleep for as long as I wanted. I don’t know when it happened, but you and I started getting distant slowly. It started off with just one day, which slowly became two, then three, and it continued. The days I did come to see you, I didn’t feel the connection anymore. I mean, it was nice seeing you, but only as a friend. That friendship faded away too, and we stopped seeing each other altogether.

I look in your direction once a while now, when I happen to cross your street, but I quickly turn around, thinking of those horrid memories. Bed and I still share a great bond, although I’m now starting to think it’s a toxic relationship.Pizza hut celebrates my return to the dark side, with complimentary pizza sent for me once a while. Their profits have started to soar again with my return. The oil in my kitchen doesn’t feel ignored anymore, and my tea is sweeter than before.

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I think of you sometimes, especially on days when my jeans don’t fit. Love is funny! I wanted to handle love back then, I have love handles now, instead. Is there hope for us in the future? Will we ever get back together, and if we do, will it still hurt like before? Only time will tell.

With love,
Discontinued Member – Lazy then, Fat now.

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