Early Twenties and Late Twenties – The difference!


It’s been a while that I stepped into the other side of twenties, a side I once hoped, would magically get delayed forever. As I look back, life and I seem to have evolved much beyond my imagination, so much that I cannot help but compare, how life changes in early and late twenties. While the words I list now are experiences from the pages of my life, I wouldn’t be surprised if most in their twenties echo the same change in themselves too.

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Hello little girl! A letter to my younger self


Your face beams with innocence, innocence of age, more by nature, than choice. You’re happy-go-lucky, and beautiful too, although you don’t feel it. You will, soon enough. You have gems of friends who will hold your hand as you grow up, and they’ll grow with you. You’ll look back to these days and smile with nostalgia. These friends, that you hang out with, make memories with, they aren’t just company, they’re your anchors. You’ll see that soon, when you move to testing waters.  Continue reading “Hello little girl! A letter to my younger self”

Life lessons I learned from driving


I’ve been feeling philosophical of late, probably something to do with me turning another year older. As I lurk deeper into the same old questions that I often ask myself, about life and its purpose, I find myself getting productive on days like today. Driving home from work, the skies looked unusually beautiful today. Shades of orange and purple spread through a blue and grey canvas, further till my eyes could see. Unfortunately however, I couldn’t afford to continue staring at it for long, unless I planned to join the angels in the same sky, by giving less attention to the road and more above. A beautiful evening, an unavoidable drive and a lurking curiosity about life, set me thinking, and I realized, the life lessons driving could teach me. Continue reading “Life lessons I learned from driving”