Here’s A Simple Solution To Stick To Your New Year Resolutions This Time


It’s that time of the year again. Soon, we’ll all be pulling out lists, making resolutions, intend to keep them while joking about how we never do, and eventually give them all up, unable to stick to them, for reasons that  aren’t always related to laziness – although that happens to be the case too sometimes. ‘New Year Resolutions’ have become so infamous, that the very mention of coming up with a list of resolutions makes one look like a hopeful, dreamy fool. But why should a fresh start not be made the most of, just because every previous attempt failed?

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Open Letter to My Gym


We weren’t going to work out, were we? I can pretend that we could, but you and I both know, that would be a lie, a lie we had been telling each other for a long time.

It was beautiful in the beginning. I woke up each morning, excited to meet you. My day wouldn’t start without you, and the days that it did, I made sure I caught up with you in the evening. We took selfies every other day, shared a glass of protein shake now and then. I even gave you your space once or twice a week, just so you know, our relationship was healthy, like I aimed to be. My friends and family knew you, and so did my Facebook acquaintances. I was so happy with our relationship, that it started to show on my face. People pointed out that my face was glowing, and that I looked much better and fit. That’s what happy relationships do to you, don’t they?

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Six New Year Resolutions Worth Sticking To


It’s that time of the year again! We’re all brimming in the positivity of new beginnings, as adrenaline rushes through our minds that can’t wait to turn our lives around. As the calendar turns its leaves, this new beginning seems like a perfect restart to our lives and habits, and what better way to make the most of it by jotting down our resolutions? But wait! haven’t we all been there, done, rather, not done that? Resolutions have been infamous since ages for not being easy to stick to, through the year. All of us want to lose weight, look better, earn more, or travel even more, yet when the few weeks of initial excitement wades off, we’re back where we began.

I’d still not write off resolutions though. We’ve all been making too many resolutions for far too long, and despite failing over and over again, we make resolutions every year with the hope of beginning again. Sounds positive to me. This year however, let’s look beyond the usual, and think of making resolutions that’ll truly matter, and you’ll want to stick to. Here are few ideas.

1. Be Less Judgmental. About things, about people, experiences – both people’s and your own, about everything in general. Accept differences and changes. Judge no one, judge nothing, for we are all imperfect.

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