The 3 Second Hack to Becoming a Good Listener – What I Learned Today


How do you get good at communication? By listening more!

I assumed I’m a good listener, till I learned the difference between listening to understand, and listening to respond. When we listen to respond, we are always on the edge of our chairs, waiting to pitch in our opinions, thoughts and experiences. Sometimes, we cut the speaker towards the end of their sentence, even without realizing it, for we can’t wait to share our response. However, that doesn’t account to good listening, which often times is the foundation of the relationships we form. When  you let the speaker express themselves to their heart’s content, understand what they meant to convey, and only then respond, you lay the foundation for good communication that does justice to both.

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Imagine, A World Where…


Imagine a world where, people would live life, instead of just making a living. Where their lives wouldn’t be limited to work and bills, weekends and chores. A world where we’d all remember to pause and breathe once a while, where we’d need no breaks from the ordinary, because we’d find extra ordinary in ordinary too. Where we wouldn’t have to plan living well in advance, and live each day, one day at a time.

Imagine a world where people would always love themselves. Nobody would put themselves down. A world where we’d all be so madly in love with ourselves, that we’d never let anyone put us down. A world where self love would come so naturally, that we’d need no reminders that we are amazing just the way we are.

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Things You Aren’t…


The world can be a real cruel place to live in. Sinners judge other sinners here, for sinning differently. Self appointed judges are always waiting to pass judgements on lives they have absolutely no idea about. Trolls seem to have given themselves an elite social status. Bullies don’t seem to be turning a new leaf anytime soon. In a world filled with several do’s and don’ts here’s a kind reminder, that you aren’t…

You aren’t dumb if you don’t score well in class. The education system needs to learn better ways to judge your IQ.

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Be a child again! Things to learn from children


With each passing day, the world seems to be getting a little crazier. We’re all so busy running races, chasing the impossible, battling our emotions, fighting ourselves and each other, that we’re defeating the very purpose of living – to live, to breathe, to just be! At any given time, there are a hundred thoughts clouding our mind, ghosts hiding under our beds, and dreams that rust in bruised corners of our hearts.

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