I have a terrible habit of unlocking my mobile screen often. When I’m supposed to be doing something important at home, like making an important call or writing, this habit goes beyond unlocking, to scrolling through social media, deleting unnecessary files, changing the wallpaper, to everything I think is important, before going ahead with the actual task. From binge-watching Netflix, spending too much time on social media, deciding to organize the entire house right before a big deadline, stuffing in junk food, we all have ways to distract ourselves, sometimes, without even realizing, what we think is important, is actually a distraction.

Delving deeper into everyday toxic habits, got me thinking, there’s much more to our distractions than what meets the eye. Ever wondered, why is it that distractions make their presence felt the most when we are dealing with, or supposed to be doing, something important. Why is it that we think it’s necessary to find something else to hold on to, when something more important awaits us? Aren’t distractions a type of self-sabotage? Don’t we knowingly, unknowingly, pull ourselves back from progress through distractions? When our subconscious beliefs and fears take over, they choose distractions to keep us away from what matters.

What are our distractions trying to tell us really? Are they signs of subconscious beliefs and fears like fear of success, imposter syndrome, fear of beginnings? Or are they how we distract ourselves from what really matters, be it important decisions, self-realization, making uncomfortable changes, facing awkward emotions? There certainly is more to it, than what meets the eye. A little distraction now and then is only natural, but if you find yourself getting distracted too often, ask yourself, what is your distraction trying to tell you?

Our minds are complicated, but they send out signs in the simplest ways. Recognizing and accepting a problem is the first step to finding a solution. Here’s what I’m going to do every time I find myself hiding behind distractions:

1. Why am I doing this? Is it more important than what I’m actually supposed to be doing? Do I like it more than what I’m supposed to be doing?

2. Is this just a lame distraction, or is my subconscious trying to tell me something?

3. Is there a pattern with my distractions? What do they connect to?

4. Is there something more important here, that I’m choosing to ignore?

5. What are my distractions trying to tell me?

Simplest retrospections bring biggest revelations. All it takes is the consciousness, and the desire to look within. Not paying attention to the subtle signs may seem harmless, but it is within these little things we ignore, that life’s biggest changes hide.

7 thoughts on “What Are Your Distractions Trying To Tell You?

  1. Great questions to think about here! Most of us don’t think about what our distractions tell us and that may be why we continue to be distracted. Unique and original post, well deserved follow!
    I recently published a motivational post, if you could take a look:
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    Also, I’m making a FaceBook Page soon and I’m trying to grow my audience, do you have FaceBook?
    Great writing once again, keep it up!

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  2. This is so great — I love the power of simple retrospection too. Your questions are really supportive and gentle. I also like, “Is there something I’m afraid of?”
    Glad I read this, it’s lovely to connect.
    Blessings to you Jiji.

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