Why The World STILL Needs Feminism


“Feminism!” There! I dropped the F word. A word that garners mixed responses across the globe. It invokes a feeling of pride, struggle, anger and disgust, all at the same time. I have never seen people reacting more negatively to any idea, as they do to feminism. The world is quick to term us Feminazis, for simply speaking about equality. Agreed, there are many supposed feminists, who have changed the notion of the term, by making it seem like it’s against men, but from when did we start judging a movement by a minority that misrepresents the sect, and not the majority that has been slogging for a noble cause?

But there are men who need attention too, comes a quick rebuttal when feminism is spoken of. Of course men’s rights needs to be protected too, as do children’s rights, black lives rights, LGBT rights and the rights of the poor, among several others. But how does focusing on one issue, make the other issues less significant? No one tells an advocate of any other cause to keep mum about it, and be content with practicing it at their own home, instead of rambling about it. Feminism tends to invoke such negative responses, that many choose to prefer the term egalitarian over feminism. It’s like saying they’d distribute 100 dollars equally across rich and poor, because equality!

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She is…


She is…

A strong wind, the kind that threatens to pull you with it, but you don’t seem to mind, much to your own surprise. The kind that lingers even after it’s long gone. The one that people talk about, the one that engraves a place in your memory, only to stay.

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Hello little girl! A letter to my younger self


Your face beams with innocence, innocence of age, more by nature, than choice. You’re happy-go-lucky, and beautiful too, although you don’t feel it. You will, soon enough. You have gems of friends who will hold your hand as you grow up, and they’ll grow with you. You’ll look back to these days and smile with nostalgia. These friends, that you hang out with, make memories with, they aren’t just company, they’re your anchors. You’ll see that soon, when you move to testing waters.  Continue reading “Hello little girl! A letter to my younger self”