As mentioned in a previous post, I have replaced my work commute’s playlist, with motivational audios and self help audio books. I came across something interesting today, and thought of all the times I’ve learned something new in my commutes, that’s worth sharing. So, say hello to my “What I Learned Today series”, where I’ll share interesting learnings I come across now and then.

Ever wondered why that diet you started ended abruptly, just a few days after you stocked your fridge with the best of diet food and veggies, or why you couldn’t stick to your morning routine or go to the gym, despite trying  your best? I struggle with this all the time! Turns out, it’s not willpower that helps us make changes, but turning routine into rituals, that does. In one of his speeches, Tony Robbins says, when you decide to make a change, or work towards something, you got to bring yourself to be consistent, no matter how you feel.

Let’s say you’ve decided to go the gym every weekday, then you do just that, irrespective of how you feel, or what comes your way. It’s the simple habit of sticking to activities leading to a change, that bring about the actual change.  While willpower may wear down eventually, turning your action steps for change, into a routine, and taking it as seriously as you take your work that pays your bills, and keeping it as consistent as you brush your teeth every morning, will ensure that you don’t convince yourself to fall back into your old patterns.

The over protective thing that it is, the mind is bound to persuade you  with very convincing reasons to fall back into your old pattern,  or skip a day in your routine, but you got to instruct yourself to take that step. There will always be the “It’s just a day it won’t matter, or I’ll make up for it tomorrow, or something else is more important” excuse popping up in your head. Unless extremely unavoidable, remember that your mind is pushing you back to your comfort zone today, but will thank you tomorrow when you stick to your ritual.

As Mel Robbins says in her book The 5 Second Rule, you will never ever feel like doing anything! You’ll never feel like going to the gym, or starting that self-care routine, or taking any action leading to a change in the long run. The moment you see that you’re resisting something, count 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and simply move!

So as it turns out, it’s being consistent in your efforts, no matter how small, that will bring you the result, not the right time or the right mind. And with this new learning, I’m off to trying and making new beginnings… 5..4..3..2..1…

Today’s Learning Courtesy: Tony Robbins

6 thoughts on “Choose Rituals, Not Will Power – What I Learned Today

    1. Isn’t it? 🙂 There was another message in the audio on the lines of “it’s also the things we don’t choose to do everyday, eventually becoming a routine and ritual, that shape our lives – not necessarily for good”

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  1. True it is. The routine to ritual could be a difficult journey. Basically our mind keeps playing games with our own mind to avoid change (in anything). 🙂 P.s. could so well relate to the gym sessions that nose dive 🤣


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