I wonder why we tend to hold on to things, good or bad, well let’s face it especially the bad. Is it because we’re conditioned to accept that happiness only comes to a few, and even if it does to others, it isn’t necessarily a permanent state, while pain and sorrows are easier and more natural state of the mind? Why is happiness made such a big deal of, as if it were a rare gem to find? Too often we forget that we are all humans made of the same skin and bones, and it’s our emotions and how we deal with them, that sets us apart. There is grace and love in letting go, no matter how hard it is to. Isn’t always easy, but if it’s worth it is an answer you’d get when you break free from the shackles that bind you with something you no longer relate to, or belong with.

So, as the year comes to an end, let go of…

1. Friendships  that pull you down. The kind that is never happy with your success, or something as simple and positive as your belief in yourself.

2. Toxic relationships. Abuse – physical or emotional, over dependence, too many insecurities or the kind that makes you uncomfortable although you can’t point a finger on why. End of relationships isn’t the end of the world, but the end of your happiness and identity can feel like it.

3. Unsatisfying jobs. They may pay the bills, they may keep you busy, they may even give you a lifestyle you only dreamed of before, but if they only help you make a living and not a life, take a step in the direction that calls you.

4. The  past. Leave it where it belongs. Clutching on to it, long after it is gone, is like holding on to a corpse. Gross it may seem, but how else can you better explain holding onto something no longer alive in your time?

5. Self doubts. “What if i fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?” It is easy to believe them when they say you can’t, it is even easier to tell yourself you can’t. However, give it a second thought and ask yourself, what if they are wrong, what if you’re too?

6. Self Sabotage. This is more common than you think, and often happens on a subconscious level, more so when some part of your mind is afraid to accept the happiness you receive. You may, without your knowledge, or even with it sometimes, sabotage things in your life, only to get back to your comfort zone of not being OK, probably because you’re used to it, or because you’d better  be dejected out of choice, than take a risk and meet the same fate unwillingly. Remember, it is OK to be happy. Sit with yourself and make conscious choices to be OK with happiness.

7. Over thinking. “There is nothing in this world, that can trouble you, as much as your own thoughts.” Slow down, take a deep breath, and pull yourself back to sanity.

8. Regrets. Much like the past, regrets are better left behind. Everything happens for a reason. Mend ways when you can, let go when you can’t.

9. Grudges. It is easy to hold on to grudges, hate someone or be negative about an event or person. As they say, holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other to die. Let go, make efforts and forgive, if need be, forget too, not for someone else, but for your own peace.

It’s easier said than done, but so is life, but until you give it a try, you’ll never know the joy and possibilities it brings along.

4 thoughts on “Let Go Of…

  1. Wonderful post. It reminded me of a quote by Stephen King: “It’s hard to let go. Even when what you’re holding onto is full of thorns, it’s hard to let go. Maybe especially then.”

    As they say, old habits die hard. Bad habits die even harder. I guess at a certain point we become addicted to things that do us more harm than good. Heck, I think we become addicted to things that do us no good whatsoever. We’re quite a peculiar species.

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