There’s no better feeling than looking back at realizing the little steps you took along the way, were actually huge leaps of faith. Life may be challenging at times, but, even struggles seem like a journey when you have the right answers.  Here’s how you can make life much easier. I’ve done them all and would love for you to give it a try as well.

Love yourself

You’ll hear this over and over again, from people around you and see it all over the internet. This is probably the only advice you should blindly take from whoever gives it to you. I can’t stress enough how important it is to like your own self, appreciate your own self and be in love with every bit of the person you are. Love yourself with all your flaws, with all the mistakes you make and the goofy things you do. In a world where there are more people to criticize you than appreciate you, do yourself a favour, and be that one person who will never leave your side. The soul in you will always search for a friendly face in a world so full of cruel words and intentions. Be that friendly face! Unless you love yourself truly, deeply, madly, you won’t be able to give love to others. All your relationships will be incomplete if it comes from a heart that doesn’t have love for its own self. Think about it, how can you ever give love to someone else, when you don’t have it yourself? This one rule, will do wonders to your life. Love yourself , even if the world gives you a hundred reasons not to. Be loyal to your own self first!

Trust your gut instinct

Sometimes in life, a little pinch in your stomach will try grabbing your attention.  Be it your choices in life, your relationships or your career. You may find yourself in crossroads several times in life. I’m not saying you’ll always have an eery feeling within you asking you not to go ahead with something, but when it does happen, please don’t ignore it. If something doesn’t feel right, there are 99 percent chances that it just isn’t right! Always, always follow your gut instinct.


Travel as much as you can and to as many places as you can possibly go. Travel changes you! It’s hard to put the experience in words, but when you travel, you find yourself in the lap of nature, among different people and cultures each time, you’ll see that there’s always more to life than you know. You only have one life to live, don’t let it wither away in the confines of familiar walls. Stretch your wings and fly to different places.

Never stay in a job that makes you unhappy

Don’t ever mistake your job to be just a source of money. It never is. In fact, money is probably the last thing a job offers. When you spend a major portion of a day, a week, a month and years of your life, investing your time and mind into something, it no more is just a source of  money, it ends up becoming a  part of your life. A bad job doesn’t just pull you down, gradually it turns you into a person you’re not, and before you know it, you’ll have dark circles under your eyes, a sinking feeling in your stomach and a strong sense of losing yourself, yet not being able to do anything about it. Have the courage to quit when you see that someone as important as you is losing out on life for a frivolous job that only feeds your stomach but not your soul. Take the risk, cut down on your expenses, let go off that car, survive without shopping for a few months but be proud that you fiercely stood up for yourself. You can always find a job that makes Mondays beautiful, trust me that’s possible. All you need to do is find the place you belong in.

Stay off Debts

Debts may seem like a no big deal when you’re taking them. Especially when it’s a small amount or a credit card debt, but in ways that you cannot see at the time, you’re being bound into a vicious circle, that pulls you down slowly. It’s ok not to have money at a certain time, but it’s never okay to be in debt. You’ll realise this when without your knowledge, an amount that you thought was very small has now turned into a huge pile that will take you months to clear off, and you’re now left with nothing. You won’t even be able to enjoy the money that you earn because every penny that you earn is now being directed to pay off debts that by the way doesn’t just give you financial strain, it leaves you with mental ones too. P.S. A little saving though may seem difficult, always comes in rescue, helping you stay off debts.

Let go off toxic relationships

By relationships, I mean all kind of relationships, be it with your partner, a friend, a colleague or even a relative. Relationships are supposed to make you happy, bring out the best in you and show you that life is worth living. Every kind of relationship we share with people, shapes our nature and destiny in ways that make sense only much later. When you love yourself enough, you’ll also have the intellect to not entertain toxic people who steal you off your happiness. Again, no matter what relationship you share with the person, if you find yourself in a toxic one, speak to them about it. If they’re stil adamant on bringing you down, you know what to do!

Be Independent

Not just financially, emotionally and mentally too. Know when to depend on someone and when to draw a line. Build a name and brand for your own self in your own ways in your own little world. Be so independent that nobody takes you for granted, for they know that you are a badass who can survive on your own. Independence doesn’t mean not to take help or approach people when you’re in need. Do that by all means, but with the confidence that even if you didn’t receive the help, you’d find a way anyway!

Never let go off the child in you

Like a child, find happiness in everything you see. Happiness lies in the simplest of things. The next time you have the urge of sulking over unpaid bills and horrible bosses, look up at the sky and watch the clouds. Look around and find things that make you smile. Let the silliest things make you laugh. Goof around and make someone else smile. Life isn’t that bad. You’re lucky to have one, spend it happy!

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