If you look beyond the smiles of faces you see, and delve deep into their stories, you’ll find that everyone has a dream they carry. While some go out and about to chase these dreams, life doesn’t always give the others that freedom. Different reasons, like responsibilities, major changes in life, lack of help and motivation, and sometimes the wrong notion that dreams can only remain just that, often make many of us the living graves of dreams that die an  untimely death. We tuck them into dusty corners of a heart that loses itself in the routine and struggle of life. Years later, we smile with a pinch in the chest, when conversations revolve around dreams and aspirations. Sometimes in the middle of a busy, mechanical day, we wonder how different would life have been, had we got a chance, or taken the chance to fulfill a dream.

Like thinking of an old lost love, we let it slide into our minds once in a blue moon, and brush it away immediately, saying it’s too late now anyway! How do we decide if it’s too late? Do dreams come with an expiry date? Life isn’t easy, and sometimes it demands that we prioritize other things over what our heart desires, and that is ok, but should prioritizing life over your dreams mean the death of the latter?

There is an aspiring singer, actor, painter, a musician, a traveller, someone with a penchant for an alternate career, an alternate life path in most of us. Dreams don’t understand the concept of time, which is why, no matter how old you grow or how far you get in life, they’ll always be the same, waiting for you to look within and give it another chance if you didn’t get to do it before. It’s never too late to chase your dreams or start dreaming. Don’t let age or time decide your course of life.

Take the risk, you have only one life to live. It doesn’t even have to be all or nothing if that scares you. Even if you don’t have the resources and freedom to start afresh, practice what you like on a part-time basis. You never know, it could be the start of something bigger.

Doubts and inhibitions, or just the fear of being ridiculed, aren’t worth the freedom and happiness of living a life true to your self. Whether you’re 30, 60 or 90, it doesn’t matter how far you’ve got in life. The only thing that matters, is how happy you indeed are. Give yourself another chance. Blow the dust off your buried dreams. Bring them to light one more time, for it’s never too late to start dreaming again. Dreams don’t come with an expiry date.

Leaving you with a few success stories of late bloomers as a reminder, that it’s never too late.



2 thoughts on “Who Put an Expiry Date on Dreams?

  1. Oh how I needed this piece inspiration. Sometimes I wonder if I’m pursuing my dream too late in my life. I keep thinking, had I started sooner, I would’ve already been there. But perhaps this is when I was destined to start my pursuit. I agree that it’s never too late to chase your dreams.

    Such a lovely post.

    May I share this soon on my social media “Doubts and inhibitions, or just the fear of being ridiculed, aren’t worth the freedom and happiness of living a life true to your self.” – Jiji Tharayil ??

    Hehe 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Candace! I’m glad you could relate. It’s never too late! Despite when you started, you’re doing great in your journey. Keep it going! Like I said earlier, you never know who you end up inspiring in the process. Please feel free to share the lines 🙂 I’d love that!


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