Life is unpredictable, and so are our minds, and when the two combine, there is bound to be fear. What are you scared of?

Are you scared of being forgotten? Slowly fading in time, away from everything you know, and everything you are? Would it scare you any less, if I were to tell you, it doesn’t matter really if the world remembers you, all that matters is that you don’t forget your own true self in the journey of life.

Are you scared of death? The unknown that’s lurking in a corner, ready to pounce, before you even get your chance to bid goodbye. The end as you know it, of life and everything that preceded, gone in a minute, leaving no trace behind. Would it make a difference, if I told you, it’s not death that you should dread, but a life not lived to its best. What could possibly be worse, than being dead when you’re still alive?

Are you scared of getting your heart broken? A fragile little thing, that can hurt like the end of the world? It’s not the physical pain it brings along, that scares you perhaps, but the mental one that lingers for what seems like eternity. The ghosts it leaves you with, and the struggle that follows, is probably why you don’t let it free in the first place. Would it hurt any less if I told you, it takes a few heartbreaks, to set your heart free from its cage?

Are you scared of failing? To watch all the efforts you put in, and all the pain you face, crumbling down like a house of cards, leaving you feeling like a failure in skin and bones. Would you be okay if I tell you, that all the success stories you hear, are just the tip of the iceberg; an iceberg made of failure and dejection, a hundred downfalls before success finally arrived?

Are you scared of the future, or of your past? The unknown waiting ahead, or the nightmares that still haunt you. What if I told you, nothing really matters, except today, for one life is all you have, and all it cares about, is your present.

Open up that chamber of secrets, buried in your heart, and ask yourself, what are you scared of, what are you truly scared of? When you find the answer, dig a little deeper, and ask yourself again, is it really as scary as you think?

Demons and Warriors, both sleep within you. Awaken the right one, and let it eat away your fears forever.

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