Writer. Reader. Dreamer.


Hi! I am Jiji Tharayil. My life is a Disney movie in my head, with all kinds of background music finding its way to match various colors of life. I am strong, yet vulnerable, independent yet contingent, social yet selective. I find beauty in the simplest of  things. In my decent amount of years on the planet, life has been kind, funny, testing and crazy, leaving me with stories, experiences and learning I can’t wait to make use of.

What do I do?

I work with Content in Corporate. I’ve been doing it for a few years now. I write when I’m home, and read when I’m…well, I don’t need a time and  place to read. Oh, also, I keep my eyes open for the good things in life. My days are usually spent living one day at a time, although I do lose track sometimes, dreaming about retiring in a cosy home by the beach or a river, where I would dip my feet in clear waters and count a million stars at night. Fresh air, tea, good food, great company and simple living keep me happy!

You can also find me on Thinks&WritesMedium, Goodreads, and Quora.

A message for you:

As you read through, I hope you find some sunshine for days your mind is clouded with a mind of its own!