*This is a guest post by my husband, Harin. These lines resonated so well with my attitude towards life, that I couldn’t help sharing it*

Everyone goes through a tunnel, once in a while in their journey of life. While some are blink and miss, others are dark, stinky and dreary. Some teach us lessons, change our perspective while others make us feel alone, isolated and stoic. Our belief says there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

However, a small curve doesn’t show how far and tedious the journey is going to be. We use our full might in a hope to see the light, as the journey becomes long we will be slowly consumed by the darkness, darkness which tremors our belief and confidence. Darkness which pushes us to a corner and beats our soul in to pulp. Darkness which throws us in to a never ending bottomless pit of stoicism.

We will always have a choice to say! “I quit” or “May be it’s just another turn”. By the time hope says “I quit” – it’s crumbled, conscious says “that it!” – It’s exhausted.

However, do we realize how far we have come? Since it has a beginning it shall has an ending. We will be creating endless loops if we stand still and sulk. “You can’t sprint a marathon” – Yes! Sometimes we may have to relax, gather ourselves, re-invent ourselves, and observe the success bleeping in dark tunnel of our journey.

While we yearn for light the flame of perseverance shall show the path. Shimmer to scintillate, glint to glitter, we grow as we sow.

To name few, loneliness, abusive childhood, bad choices, prolonged illness, addiction, defeat, bad relations and so on, the list reinvents itself.

I am fortunate to pass through few of the tunnels, I felt defeated, I cried, I questioned my own existence. In a desperation to get out, I fell flat on my face which left scars.

Those scars are the stars I wear, they define me, and they complete me because I never give up!

Life would be much livelier if we stop thinking we are the only ones who has had it hard.

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