It’s that time of the year again. Soon, we’ll all be pulling out lists, making resolutions, intend to keep them while joking about how we never do, and eventually give them all up, unable to stick to them, for reasons that  aren’t always related to laziness – although that happens to be the case too sometimes. ‘New Year Resolutions’ have become so infamous, that the very mention of coming up with a list of resolutions makes one look like a hopeful, dreamy fool. But why should a fresh start not be made the most of, just because every previous attempt failed?

Here’s how you can make sure you stick through your resolutions this time. Begin now! Write down your list of resolutions, and start them now. By ending your year with new beginnings, you will have had enough practice and continuity when you enter the new year. You’ll trick yourself into believing that your resolutions are habits from last year that you’re continuing in the New Year. Even if you fail like you generally do with your resolutions, with enough time for the New Year, you will begin again without being too harsh on yourself, or giving up altogether! Having already begun your New Year resolutions, you will walk into the New Year with much more confidence in your resolutions, and your own ability to keep them.

So go take a gym membership today if that’s your plan, instead of waiting till the first of January. If you plan to eat healthier next year, practice today. If you no longer wish to entertain  toxic people in the new year, disconnect from them now. If you plan to learn something new, start learning now. If you plan to save more, start that savings account now. No matter what the resolution, begin now!

Think of beginning now as rehearsals for your New Year resolutions. Practice till the new year and you’ll find that keeping resolutions isn’t as hard as you thought.

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