Live! I mean truly, deeply, live everyday of your life.

Live the big moments, live the smaller ones even more. Live like there’s no tomorrow, live like there never was a yesterday. Live like you never got hurt, live like you don’t mind getting hurt. Live like you mean it, live like you were meant to live.

Keep your phone aside for a while, when it steals precious seconds of your life as you mindlessly stare at the screen, unaware and unmindful of the voices, noises, smell, touch and beauty around you screaming for your attention. Throw away your doubts about your own self and live like you’re the only one of a kind in the whole wide universe, because darling, believe me, you are! Throw away everything that pulls you down, runaway from everyone who pulls you back. Race with your own life and see who wins the prize, the prize of living in the moment, the joy of fully being present in a moment.

Feel the raindrops falling on your face on a cold cloudy morning. Feel the goosebumps on your skin as the chilly weather demands you to sip your morning coffee by the balcony, making you wonder what did you ever do to deserve such beauty around you.

Scream your lungs out, not because you’re forced to but because you can, because you sure as hell can scream your lungs from the highest of hills and by the deepest of valleys, from the sunshade of your terrace, and in the darkest of the nights. Ride the fastest bikes, run the fastest race, climb the biggest scales, swim the deepest oceans. Count stars at midnight, chase butterflies in the mornings, dip your feet in running waters, watch sunsets by the sea. Eat like every bite takes you to a different world, drink like the best of wines fought each other to reach your lips. Let the sunlight caress your skin every now and then, stop by to smell roses every now and then.

Love like it’s all that your heart needs to beat, love like you mean it. Break the rules often, break your own limitations more often. Smile at strangers, laugh at your own self, let your hair down and dance your nights away. Break the rut, surprise yourself, climb a tree, kiss in the rain, jump in puddles.

Don’t run away from the ordinary, find the extra ordinary in the ordinary instead! Stop keeping a track of your life in years, stop keeping a track altogether, but if you must, track this wonderful life you have in moments that take your breath away, in moments you chose to live! Let there be such moments everyday.

Let there be life in the life you live!

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