I am an ardent optimist. I tend to look for the positive in life always, no matter where I am or what I’m put through. I don’t like to see life as short, I like to see it as a one time opportunity at something amazing, and that’s why there are so many wonderful things I like about it. Here are some, that I hope you can connect to, as well.

1. I like how life gives us so many chances at relationships, love, health, work, dreams.

2. The little joys it brings along. Like a hot tea on a rainy day, or an unexpected good news on a Monday

3. All the emotions – happiness, joy, sorrow, anger, confusion, pain, excitement, euphoria all of it! Aren’t we blessed to be capable of experiencing emotions in the first place?

4. The experiences, good, bad, ugly and amazing! They all make up for memories to be tucked safely in our hearts. While the good ones befriend nostalgia, the bad ones make up great life lessons, to help make better learned choices.

5. The people in it. How they shape up our being and add colours to it, and the not so positive ones who help us learn of our own strength.

6. The coincidences, the signs, the answers that come our way when we’re lost, and looking for answers.

7. The high of success and the humility of failures, the strength in efforts and the joy of progress.

8. The gifts nature showers on us, filling beauty in our minds as it does in places around us. The treat to our eyes and food to our soul.

9. The beauty of thoughts and the power of how we put it in words and actions.

10. The limitless ways to truly live it, enjoy it, and make it worthwile

Sure, there will be times when life challenges you, making you wonder if there’s any good left in it. In moments like that, take a breath, stop and think of all the beautiful sunrises and sunsets you’ve seen, smiles you’ve spread, happiness you’ve shared and love that you’ve seen. If it’s happened before, it’s sure to say hello again. That’s the beauty of life, it doesn’t give up on you!

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