Project – 30 Days to a Better Self


I often swing between the extremes of sulking on the sofa, binge watching NetFlix, and being inspired and motivated to be my best. While some days I don’t wish to get off the bed, other days I’m up by 5.30 am, ready to kick off my morning routine. Some days my hair is  a mess, my lipstick haphazardly applied, my nails chipped and by my clothes are stained, while on other days, I’m polished from head to toe, ready to walk the runway if I were to come across one. Some days I am groggy, sleepy and arrogant, while other days I am active, energetic and the most pleasant person you’ll come across. Some days I can’t be forced into a gym even if someone were to push me in, while on other days someone has to push me out of it. Some days I sleep with my makeup on, and forget to switch off the lights, and on other days, I am all about mindfulness and efforts. Some days I am hooked to my phone and ram into a pole, other days I forget my phone at home and still don’t care.

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One Little Change for Big Changes


I’ve had a very busy schedule of late, leaving me little to no time for productive activities outside work. I found myself with far less time to read as much as I did before, and explore resources for motivation, when things started getting hectic. But when you can’t find a way, you got to make one, and that’s how I developed a new habit, a little change that has been doing wonders to my mind, attitude, and life.

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Get Over the Fear of Happiness


Do you ever find yourself scared, or slightly skeptic, in the middle of a perfectly happy phase? When everything seems to go on well, do you wonder secretly how long will the happiness last? When things are absolutely fine, do you find yourself worried that something bad will soon happen to compensate for all the good you’ve been receiving? If you’ve been smiling and nodding in affirmative to these questions, be assured that you’re not alone in the journey.

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Get Silly. Add Some Life to Living


It’s easy to get caught in the humdrum of life, feeling like robots. We define ourselves by the work we do and the relationships we share. We’re bound by the idea of how life must be lived, than how we want to live it. We tend to get too serious playing the roles we choose and the tasks we do, forgetting that  we’re all beating hearts and living souls at the end of the day.

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Who Put an Expiry Date on Dreams?


If you look beyond the smiles of faces you see, and delve deep into their stories, you’ll find that everyone has a dream they carry. While some go out and about to chase these dreams, life doesn’t always give the others that freedom. Different reasons, like responsibilities, major changes in life, lack of help and motivation, and sometimes the wrong notion that dreams can only remain just that, often make many of us the living graves of dreams that die an  untimely death. We tuck them into dusty corners of a heart that loses itself in the routine and struggle of life. Years later, we smile with a pinch in the chest, when conversations revolve around dreams and aspirations. Sometimes in the middle of a busy, mechanical day, we wonder how different would life have been, had we got a chance, or taken the chance to fulfill a dream.

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Open Letter to My Gym


We weren’t going to work out, were we? I can pretend that we could, but you and I both know, that would be a lie, a lie we had been telling each other for a long time.

It was beautiful in the beginning. I woke up each morning, excited to meet you. My day wouldn’t start without you, and the days that it did, I made sure I caught up with you in the evening. We took selfies every other day, shared a glass of protein shake now and then. I even gave you your space once or twice a week, just so you know, our relationship was healthy, like I aimed to be. My friends and family knew you, and so did my Facebook acquaintances. I was so happy with our relationship, that it started to show on my face. People pointed out that my face was glowing, and that I looked much better and fit. That’s what happy relationships do to you, don’t they?

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