Bad days are like uninvited guests that we can’t wait to get rid of, but end up becoming patient hosts to, instead. However, sulking over a bad mood or a bad day isn’t going to do much. It will in fact, make things worse. It is important to acknowledge how you feel, even when the feeling is not quite pleasant, but you don’t have to let yourself dwell in it. It may not be easy to turn a bad day around but you sure can make it tolerable, with a little effort. Let me take you through a few tips to help you feel better on a bad day.

Accept. Begin with acknowledging the problem at hand, but don’t over think it . Understand the reason behind your emotions, and try getting into the depth of it. Is there a solution to the problem? If  yes, begin working on it at the right time. If no, accept and understand, that there’s nothing you can do about it. You’re still allowed to be upset about it, but park it aside after a while, and put in efforts to divert your mind, like you would do for an upset friend. Become your friend, a good one, the one that is the first to turn up when you’re in need.

Dress up. Dressing up is probably the last thing you’ll feel like doing on a bad day, but this little effort will go a long way. Dressing up instantly lifts your mood, and makes you feel better. The compliments you’ll receive, will only make the day better. So make sure you dress up, do your hair and paint your nails. Groom yourself and resort to sharp dressing, if you aren’t generally interested in dressing up. You’ll see a tremendous change in the way you feel. It may not solve the problem you’re dealing with, but it will make you a little less miserable about it. Fixing the chaos outside, will soften the chaos inside.

Take a break. Take a break for a while. Visit a cafe, go on a long drive, or a walk on the beach. You could also just find a comfortable corner, and relax with a book or a movie, anything that floats your boat to keep your mind occupied. What I’ve notice with bad times, is that it’s made worse by over thinking. Give your overenthusiastic mind some rest, relax and resort to something that you like doing.

Call a friend. Friends! What would we do without them? A good friend won’t get tired of listening to you ramble about a bad day, and will lighten up your load by just listening.  They also won’t mind sitting idle with you, without speaking a word, if that is how you want to spend your time. Just the presence of a friend, or talking to one, will make things better. Don’t isolate yourself, pick that phone and call a friend. If you have a supportive and understanding family, you could also spend your time with them. If you don’t have friends, spend time with your pet or take up volunteering for a while.

Write. Even  if you aren’t someone who writes often, just putting your thoughts on paper will take a load off your mind. You could write about what you feel, or bring in a positive vibe by writing good things, like the things you love about yourself, your life, your friends or work. Writing lightens your mind by transferring your emotions from your mind to a paper. Try this very underestimated coping technique to understand its healing powers.

Find your comfort food. Comfort food is not always a good idea, but you’re allowed to have slip ups on days like these. What is your comfort food? The one that makes you pause and feel better. Soup, tea, pizza, chocolate or even salads; go for whatever makes you feel good. If eating is the last thing on your mind, take a friend along to a place that serves your comfort food. You don’t have to order. You will however, change your mind after a while, and decide to stop starving. Be sure not to gorge on comfort food though, for you’ll be defeating the very purpose of it if you do.

Every attempt to cheer yourself on a bad day will take effort, and even a small effort may feel like moving mountains when you’re not in the mood. However, it will be much easier than dealing with the mess in your mind, and the repercussions of it. So go on and cheer yourself. You deserve it!


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