It’s that time of the year again! We’re all brimming in the positivity of new beginnings, as adrenaline rushes through our minds that can’t wait to turn our lives around. As the calendar turns its leaves, this new beginning seems like a perfect restart to our lives and habits, and what better way to make the most of it by jotting down our resolutions? But wait! haven’t we all been there, done, rather, not done that? Resolutions have been infamous since ages for not being easy to stick to, through the year. All of us want to lose weight, look better, earn more, or travel even more, yet when the few weeks of initial excitement wades off, we’re back where we began.

I’d still not write off resolutions though. We’ve all been making too many resolutions for far too long, and despite failing over and over again, we make resolutions every year with the hope of beginning again. Sounds positive to me. This year however, let’s look beyond the usual, and think of making resolutions that’ll truly matter, and you’ll want to stick to. Here are few ideas.

1. Be Less Judgmental. About things, about people, experiences – both people’s and your own, about everything in general. Accept differences and changes. Judge no one, judge nothing, for we are all imperfect.

2. Forgive. Forgiveness sets you free, truly. No matter how bad you had it, or how terrible the pain was, forgive for your own freedom. Forgive not just people who’ve wronged you, forgive yourself too if you’re still brooding over your own mistakes. Forgive, even when there is no apology given, because forgiveness has more to do with your own peace of mind, than someone else’s.

3. Practice Self Care. Self care goes beyond trips to the spa, or indulging for yourself. It begins with being kind to yourself, spending time on things that make you happy, and most importantly, placing yourself first, no matter what. Practice self care physically, mentally, emotionally.

4. Look for the Positive. Everything happens for a reason – good or bad. Look for the positive in every situation, especially when it’s the toughest to do so. We all need a ray of hope to carry on, let positivity be that to you.

5. Appreciate More, Criticize Less. Notice the good in people, and make sure you appreciate it too. Ignore the little flaws. A words of appreciation goes a long way, more than unnecessary criticism does. Keep the same attitude towards life as well. More gratitude, less complaints.

6. Focus on the Now. Focus on the trees, the greens, the roads and the butterflies, when you go for a walk. Focus on the conversation, truly listen when you’re talking to someone. Relish the taste of your food when you’re eating. Give that wandering mind a rest, and truly focus on the now!

I hope these resolutions help you become calmer, happier and more  you! If you do fail however, you don’t have to wait for the next year. You can always begin again from where you stopped. Here’s to a beautiful, happy, soulful 2018. Happy New Year!

7 thoughts on “Six New Year Resolutions Worth Sticking To

  1. I absolutely love this!! I don’t ever make resolutions because they seem so mundane, and unattainable, but these are some I could definitely stick with! 😉


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