Reality is often stranger than fiction, which is probably why we resort to fiction of our own kind, and refuse to face realities of life. Despite how convenient it seems, such attitude is slow poison, that is bound to take you down with it. It is in times like these, that a kind word or two won’t suffice, but tough love will. So here’s some tough love to keep you going, before it’s too late.

1. You are not entitled to anything in life. You aren’t entitled to success, you aren’t entitled to progress, you aren’t entitled to riches. You got to work hard for it, and even then, it will take consistent effort to get you what you want. You don’t get anything in life because you deserve to, you get them because you work for it.

2. You are not always right. There will be times when your values, beliefs and thoughts, will be proved wrong. Have an open mind and be curious to learn about the other side too. It’s okay to admit that you were wrong, than to look like a fool defending the wrong.

3. You are solely responsible for how you feel. Whether you’re down in the dumps or ecstatic, you’re solely responsible for how you feel (unless of course, you’re dealing with mental health issues). No situation or person, can make you happy or upset, unless you let them. How you feel, is completely up to you.

4. You will face your Karma. Good or bad, what goes around comes around If you haven’t done things that could invite it’s wrath, you’re safe.

5. You are your own road block. That dream you harbored of owning a neighborhood cafe, or making it big incorporate; if you find yourself stuck with your dreams being just that — dreams, it is because you didn’t actually do anything to make them a reality, didn’t work hard enough for it, or gave up before you reached your goal.

6. Your loved ones are going to die, and so are you. Face this bitter reality, and make the most of the time you have, both with them, and your own self. Goodbyes don’t take appointments before arriving, and regrets don’t leave easily.

7. You waste too much time. Facebook, Instagram, TV, gossip, self doubts, and over analysis. You waste way too much time, the same time that you could actually use for your own good.

8. You think too much about people. You aren’t that important.Trying something new, and already wondering how people will react if you fail? Dreaming of getting drenched in the rain, yet staying indoors, wondering what people will say? Nobody bothers, despite how bothered they look. Even if they do, it won’t be the end of your world. People are too busy struggling with their own lives, to stay stuck on yours forever.

Buckle up, question yourself, find your answers and get going. It isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.



2 thoughts on “Here’s Some Tough Love For You

  1. Hey Srujana, I advocate self love too. Not important in this context implies, not important to be targeted negatively, for doing something you want. It’s a trick to be less conscious when consciousness stops you from getting ahead. Now that you point it out, I agree it looks negative.


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