The world can be a real cruel place to live in. Sinners judge other sinners here, for sinning differently. Self appointed judges are always waiting to pass judgements on lives they have absolutely no idea about. Trolls seem to have given themselves an elite social status. Bullies don’t seem to be turning a new leaf anytime soon. In a world filled with several do’s and don’ts here’s a kind reminder, that you aren’t…

You aren’t dumb if you don’t score well in class. The education system needs to learn better ways to judge your IQ.

You aren’t a slut if you’re comfortable with your sexuality. You just aren’t a hypocrite about it like others are.

You aren’t selfish, when you place yourself first. Self love paves way to greater good.

You aren’t egoistic if you leave a bad relationship. Your self respect is worth appreciating.

You aren’t a kid if you don’t drink alcohol. To drink or not, is a choice only adults can make.

You aren’t bad, if you drink alcohol. Your habits don’t decide your character.

You aren’t a spoilsport, if you don’t go ahead with something you aren’t comfortable with. Instincts are the best guide.

You aren’t ugly, if you look different from the impossible standards. Beauty lies within, and in the eyes of the beholder.

You aren’t stupid, if people keep making fun of you. They’re only projecting their insecurities at you.

You aren’t a failure, if you fail. Your results are different from who you are as a person.

You aren’t weird, if you’re different. You’re a welcome change in a world filled with sheeple.

You aren’t weak, if you take help. No king has ever won a battle on his own.

You aren’t arrogant, if you call a spade a spade. Honesty is good.

You aren’t silly, if you’re a child at heart. You’ll be surprised to know how many envy your child like enthusiasm for life.

You aren’t anything that the world says you are. You are everything that you decide you are!

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