Get Silly. Add Some Life to Living


It’s easy to get caught in the humdrum of life, feeling like robots. We define ourselves by the work we do and the relationships we share. We’re bound by the idea of how life must be lived, than how we want to live it. We tend to get too serious playing the roles we choose and the tasks we do, forgetting that  we’re all beating hearts and living souls at the end of the day.

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Hidden In My Tomorrow


“I’ll start tomorrow, I’ll do it tomorrow” I’ve been saying for years. Tomorrow sure seems to be too busy to arrive, for all the things I want to do tomorrow, often stays in tomorrow forever. So I decided to rummage through my tomorrows, and like a treasure stored in a dusty corner, I found treasures of my own, that had been hiding in my tomorrows. Hidden in my tomorrows, I found…

1. That leap of faith I decided to take. Tomorrow never came, and I remained stuck in the same place.

2. That diet I was supposed to start. Tomorrow never came, and I kept finding solace in junk food.

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Life Lessons – Game of Thrones Style


Over the years, I had heard so much about Game of Thrones, been flooded with updates and supposed spoilers on my social media feed, and seen so many GOT memes, that I thought I knew enough about the show from people, and didn’t need to see it  myself. I wouldn’t have been surprised if I’d get to see updates of  the show on the news, considering the passion and seriousness with which people across the world watched, discussed, dissected, worshiped and lived the show. I finally changed my mind and decided to see what all the craze was about, six years after it first aired! I’ll admit, I’m late to the party, but I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

As I caught up with seasons, binge watching one after the other, I realized I had something more to learn from the series, than just castles, dragons and white walkers. Throughout the series, I couldn’t help but notice, how a purpose, willingness and determination seemed to dominate several characters and their journeys. Here are some life lessons that I found hidden, amidst the magnificence, royalty, gore and grandeur of the show.

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Why you’re better off without a credit card


“Don’t do it!” I remember my friend giving me one last warning, before I stepped to the other side, the side where the evil dangers of credits lurked. Ignoring her warning, and of several others’, I went ahead and applied for a credit card anyway. I didn’t understand the over reactions back then. It was after all, just a card, and not any different from my debit card. Years later, I sit here, hoping I had taken all the warnings seriously, and steered clear from it. As  I still deal with the aftermath of it, let me explain why having a credit card is a terrible idea, and why you’re better off without it.

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The ABC of Emotional Abuse


Relationships are supposed to be happy! They may have their share of ups and downs, but at the end of the day, they are supposed to be loving and supporting. The sad reality though, is that it isn’t the same always. Where there are happy relationships, there are also depressing, abusive and toxic relationships. One kind that stands out, is an emotionally abusive relationship.

Emotional abuse, although very common, often goes unrecognized and is difficult to understand. Two reasons make it difficult to recognize what emotional abuse is.

  1. Like physical abuse, there is no physical pain, scars or wounds that you can point out to.
  2. The abuser shatters the confidence of the victim so much, that they end up thinking it is their fault, that the relationship is abnormal.

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Be a child again! Things to learn from children


With each passing day, the world seems to be getting a little crazier. We’re all so busy running races, chasing the impossible, battling our emotions, fighting ourselves and each other, that we’re defeating the very purpose of living – to live, to breathe, to just be! At any given time, there are a hundred thoughts clouding our mind, ghosts hiding under our beds, and dreams that rust in bruised corners of our hearts.

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Why I’d recommend reading to everyone

Open a book, and you open a mind.


I had been out of touch with reading for a while. Life’s priorities took over. There was also a year where I dedicated my time solely to write one, and the reading sabbatical extended another  year. Now that I’m back to reading, I feel like a new reader again. Apart from the good old traditional books, i also invest time in going through some amazing blogs related to mind and life. The benefits reading brings, seems like a very less explored area to me. You’ll hear people rave about fitness, travel, clothing and more, but not many speak about books and reading. I wonder why it is, that reading is considered more nerdy, than cool. Personally, I’ve never felt cooler than with a book in my hand, and words in my mind.

As my reading picked up of late, I see welcome changes in me, that I wasn’t even looking for.

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Early Twenties and Late Twenties – The difference!


It’s been a while that I stepped into the other side of twenties, a side I once hoped, would magically get delayed forever. As I look back, life and I seem to have evolved much beyond my imagination, so much that I cannot help but compare, how life changes in early and late twenties. While the words I list now are experiences from the pages of my life, I wouldn’t be surprised if most in their twenties echo the same change in themselves too.

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Hello little girl! A letter to my younger self


Your face beams with innocence, innocence of age, more by nature, than choice. You’re happy-go-lucky, and beautiful too, although you don’t feel it. You will, soon enough. You have gems of friends who will hold your hand as you grow up, and they’ll grow with you. You’ll look back to these days and smile with nostalgia. These friends, that you hang out with, make memories with, they aren’t just company, they’re your anchors. You’ll see that soon, when you move to testing waters.  Continue reading “Hello little girl! A letter to my younger self”

Life lessons I learned from driving


I’ve been feeling philosophical of late, probably something to do with me turning another year older. As I lurk deeper into the same old questions that I often ask myself, about life and its purpose, I find myself getting productive on days like today. Driving home from work, the skies looked unusually beautiful today. Shades of orange and purple spread through a blue and grey canvas, further till my eyes could see. Unfortunately however, I couldn’t afford to continue staring at it for long, unless I planned to join the angels in the same sky, by giving less attention to the road and more above. A beautiful evening, an unavoidable drive and a lurking curiosity about life, set me thinking, and I realized, the life lessons driving could teach me. Continue reading “Life lessons I learned from driving”