It’s easy to get caught in the humdrum of life, feeling like robots. We define ourselves by the work we do and the relationships we share. We’re bound by the idea of how life must be lived, than how we want to live it. We tend to get too serious playing the roles we choose and the tasks we do, forgetting that  we’re all beating hearts and living souls at the end of the day.

How do we remind ourselves, amidst this demanding hectic life, that we’re more than just skin and bones, work and relationships? My advise, is to get silly! Let go and let loose! Add some laughter and life to your day, every day! Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself, or get laughed at. We’re all  the same deep inside anyway. When you hold yourself back, fearing what people may think, remember, even the ones that laugh at you, are probably wishing that they could also be as free as you.

We tend to take life too seriously. Add some silly to your everyday life, and  you’ll find, that most times it won’t just brighten up you day, but your attitude towards life too. Being silly doesn’t imply you aren’t serious about your goals, work or relationships. It does however, make the journey more fun and worthwhile.

So get out there and get silly! If you need help, here are some absolutely silly things that won’t just bring a smile on your face, but also make life look a little less hectic everyday.

1. Sing in the shower. Out loud! Thanks to our screen addiction and busy lives, it’s the only time you’ll ever get with your own self. Sing out loud instead of thinking of better things you could have said in an argument, or just contemplating about the seriousness of life.

2. Dance in the car (or anywhere random). Especially when you’re stuck in traffic. It’s so much better than letting frustation take over you. You won’t just end up entertaining yourself, but will also bring a smile on the faces of frustrated drivers around. Spread that joy! The world needs more of it (especially on the roads).

3. Laugh out loudly. At everything you find funny, even if it’s at your own damn jokes, no matter how bad they are. Add some spark to your life, for it’s true when they say “laughter is the firework of the soul”

4. Jump in a puddle. Don’t walk away from a dirty rainy puddle you see. Jump in it instead! Try it for once, to see the joy it brings. choose happy feet over well pedicured feet.

5. Make faces in the mirror. Learn to get comfortable with yourself. Entertain yourself! Let loose and have fun.

6. Get drenched in the rain. Better still, dance in the rain! You won’t always get to do that through out the year, why not make the most of a rainy day then?

7. Give Hi-5 to strangers! It won’t just perk up your confidence, it will also bring up a smile on someone else’s face in the middle of a boring day.

8. Do something you suck at! Nevertheless, have fun while doing it. It’s not the end result, but the process that matters. No matter how terrible you are at cooking, painting, singing or anything that makes you feel alive, go ahead and do it anyway. Nobody’s going to grade you for things you enjoy doing. Give perfection a break.

9. Play with bubbles. Get back to your childhood. Find some joy blwoing and bursting bubbles. You aren’t going to lose anything anyway. Besides, bubbles don’t know age bar of any kind. Remember, the goal is to be silly and enjoy it.

10. Jump on the bed! You can worry about making it up again later. Concentrate on the now! Jump!

Get out there and make a fool of yourself. It could be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself.

6 thoughts on “Get Silly. Add Some Life to Living

  1. Aww.. I love it! There’s a child inside each of us longing to play. Some people suppress the yearning to be silly and do fun things; then there are those like us, who really can’t help but to be playful and silly. You’re so right though, why take life so seriously? We all need to live a little.

    There are some you listed that I’m yet to try though, like dancing in the rain, giving Hi-5 to strangers and playing with bubbles. I’ll definitely be trying those 😛

    Awesome post!


  2. Haha! You know our conversation inspired this piece! It’s nice to connect with people who don’t take life too seriously. I’m yet to give Hi-5 to strangers too! I’ve done everything else 😀


  3. No.8 is what often puts me off doing something a little different because I get so caught up on being rubbish at something that I shy away from it, but you’re totally right, we should embrace whatever we do & give perfection a miss – we all need to add a little enjoyment and life to living, great post! x


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