Your face beams with innocence, innocence of age, more by nature, than choice. You’re happy-go-lucky, and beautiful too, although you don’t feel it. You will, soon enough. You have gems of friends who will hold your hand as you grow up, and they’ll grow with you. You’ll look back to these days and smile with nostalgia. These friends, that you hang out with, make memories with, they aren’t just company, they’re your anchors. You’ll see that soon, when you move to testing waters. Life after all, isn’t as easy as it was, when you were raised under  your parents’ supervision. Some times you need to fly, and I see, that you’ve already begun fluttering those wings. These winds, they are harsh, they’ll tear your wings, but don’t worry, you’re a warrior! They’ll try bringing you down, oh they will, and you’ll fool them by letting them think they were successful, but no they won’t! You’ll be fooled too sometimes, wondering if this is all that life has to offer, if you really want to grow up, but there will be no choice. Amongst it all, you’ll miss seeing something wonderful happening, you’ll miss seeing how a petite sweet girl turned into a beautiful strong woman. You’ll see it though, one night sitting on the couch late in the night, looking back at life. You have a spark in you, a spark that not everyone can handle. Some appreciate it, but most envy it, so they do what they can, to dim that spark. They tell you, you aren’t good enough, they mock you as you walk, they smirk as you turn around and they giggle as you talk. They’ll slowly make you think if you’re good enough, but darling you aren’t good, you’re great, that is why they hate. They can’t be you, and that troubles their hollow hearts, so they try making you hollow too. You’ll be a fool sometimes, and let them have their way, sometimes doubting everything you deserve, but soon enough, you’ll let the light shine through. You can pretend to be one of them, but you never will be, because pretending and faking, averse you. It’s one of the things about you, you’ll come to realize, that you don’t like plastic; you stay true to your heart. There are dark clouds above you, clouds that are threatened by your light, so they rain on you, and you let them, but they forget, rains accompany thunder, and your light has more thunder than thunder itself does. The best part about this struggle, is that it could make you ugly and heartless, but it will make you a soulful woman instead. The haters, they only doubled with time, sometimes creeping into spaces you thought were your special ones, but look, oh look how they fail with every attempt. Look what a diamond they made you, while trying to burn you down. How are you like this? A miracle, a mystery! The world forces you to be average, you may have taken it for quite sometime, but you’ll put an end to it for good. You’re not average, you’re splendid! Your light deserves to shine through. Don’t let them have it their way, pave your way, and show them how a map is truly made. Shine through darling, you’re a work of art! Let the critics stay afar, for deep down, they’re all admirers hoping to be you.

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