Add life to the life you live


Live! I mean truly, deeply, live everyday of your life.

Live the big moments, live the smaller ones even more. Live like there’s no tomorrow, live like there never was a yesterday. Live like you never got hurt, live like you don’t mind getting hurt. Live like you mean it, live like you were meant to live.

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How to feel better on a bad day


Bad days are like uninvited guests that we can’t wait to get rid of, but end up becoming patient hosts to, instead. However, sulking over a bad mood or a bad day isn’t going to do much. It will in fact, make things worse. It is important to acknowledge how you feel, even when the feeling is not quite pleasant, but you don’t have to let yourself dwell in it. It may not be easy to turn a bad day around but you sure can make it tolerable, with a little effort. Let me take you through a few tips to help you feel better on a bad day.

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The ABC of Emotional Abuse


Relationships are supposed to be happy! They may have their share of ups and downs, but at the end of the day, they are supposed to be loving and supporting. The sad reality though, is that it isn’t the same always. Where there are happy relationships, there are also depressing, abusive and toxic relationships. One kind that stands out, is an emotionally abusive relationship.

Emotional abuse, although very common, often goes unrecognized and is difficult to understand. Two reasons make it difficult to recognize what emotional abuse is.

  1. Like physical abuse, there is no physical pain, scars or wounds that you can point out to.
  2. The abuser shatters the confidence of the victim so much, that they end up thinking it is their fault, that the relationship is abnormal.

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