“You would have done well in life, had you concentrated in that algebra class back in school” said no one ever.

With each passing year, school fees get more expensive, school bags get heavier, school activities get more hectic, yet one thing that remains the same, is what they teach! I’m in no way dismissing all that I’ve learned in school, although I do wish school had taught me more about life, than it taught me about X’s relationship with Y, and Pythagoras’s obsession with theories. As I stumble through life, learning something new each day, finding my place in the world and getting a hold of some unavoidable rules, I wonder how easy life would be for adults now and in the future, if schools looked beyond textbooks and schedules, and taught children these things too:

  1. Happiness and Positivity. Why don’t schools stress more on the importance of choosing happiness each day and being positive. They sure would have contributed to a happy society, producing more happy and successful adults than the stressed ones that succumb to pressure and negativity too often.
  2. Money. How important it truly is, how to deal with it, how to save it, how to invest it and most importantly, how to earn it. Too many adults struggle with money, because they don’t get the basics right.
  3. Humanity. Oh what a wonderful world it would have been, had we all learned to be humans first. I wish schools taught more about being kind to each other, understanding and respecting differences, and just being humans before anything.
  4. Relationships. The one thing that every student could put to use! How to be good at relationships, be it with parents, siblings, friends or lovers. There isn’t one formula that works for all, but there sure are some basics for each relationship that could be taught, saving the world a lot of heart ache.
  5. Individuality. We were all painted with the same brush, taught the same things and often pitched against each other, but never were we once taught to look within and see what makes us stand out, and why it’s important to find yourself and cherish the person you are.
  6. Gender Equality. Why do schools turn such a blind eye to one of the most raging issues of the world, especially when they have the power to shape the best minds at the right age?
  7. Good Touch and Bad Touch. It is depressing to see several kids being abused, and not speaking out, because it’s too much of a shock to even understand. Several such incidents could have been reported or avoided, if only schools spoke openly about them.
  8. Mental Health. Something so common, often becomes a matter of concern and fear, because people don’t understand it well enough, neither the ones who suffer not the ones who see the one suffering. If schools discussed mental health more often, more children and adults would deal with it before they’d become causes of some serious personal and public tragedies.
  9. Basic Life Skills.Like cooking, cleaning, time management and accountability in general. There’d be a lot less struggling adults had they all been taught such important skills back in the best learning age.
  10. Self Expression. The most important of them all! Not many learn to express themselves, and go on to bottle up their feelings, good or bad. Bottled feelings are like volcanoes erupting through breakdowns, depression and unfulfillment. How easy would life be, had everyone been taught something so simple yet significant, right in childhood?

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