Life Lessons From a Struggling Swimmer


Swimming may not be a big deal to many of you out there, but for me, it happens to be something so big, that learning how to swim made its way to my bucket list a long while ago. I usually am that girl who sticks to the walls of  the pool, or walks around in safe water levels, and sometimes shamelessly sneaks into the kids section.  I finally decided to change this and tick learning swimming off my list, and took up swimming classes a while ago. Although I haven’t yet turned into a  mermaid, I have successfully got rid of my fear of drowning, I don’t go to kids pool anymore, and I no longer stand like a statue or walk around like I do in a garden, when I’m in the pool. If someone asks me today if I can swim, my answer wouldn’t be the sheepish No I told people earlier, instead I’d proudly announce that I’m a struggling swimmer. So while I continue my lessons and learn how to swim, here are a few life lessons my struggle with swimming taught me.

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Project – 30 Days to a Better Self


I often swing between the extremes of sulking on the sofa, binge watching NetFlix, and being inspired and motivated to be my best. While some days I don’t wish to get off the bed, other days I’m up by 5.30 am, ready to kick off my morning routine. Some days my hair is  a mess, my lipstick haphazardly applied, my nails chipped and by my clothes are stained, while on other days, I’m polished from head to toe, ready to walk the runway if I were to come across one. Some days I am groggy, sleepy and arrogant, while other days I am active, energetic and the most pleasant person you’ll come across. Some days I can’t be forced into a gym even if someone were to push me in, while on other days someone has to push me out of it. Some days I sleep with my makeup on, and forget to switch off the lights, and on other days, I am all about mindfulness and efforts. Some days I am hooked to my phone and ram into a pole, other days I forget my phone at home and still don’t care.

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Things I Wish Were Taught In School


“You would have done well in life, had you concentrated in that algebra class back in school” said no one ever.

With each passing year, school fees get more expensive, school bags get heavier, school activities get more hectic, yet one thing that remains the same, is what they teach! I’m in no way dismissing all that I’ve learned in school, although I do wish school had taught me more about life, than it taught me about X’s relationship with Y, and Pythagoras’s obsession with theories. As I stumble through life, learning something new each day, finding my place in the world and getting a hold of some unavoidable rules, I wonder how easy life would be for adults now and in the future, if schools looked beyond textbooks and schedules, and taught children these things too:

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