Life Lessons – Game of Thrones Style


Over the years, I had heard so much about Game of Thrones, been flooded with updates and supposed spoilers on my social media feed, and seen so many GOT memes, that I thought I knew enough about the show from people, and didn’t need to see it  myself. I wouldn’t have been surprised if I’d get to see updates of  the show on the news, considering the passion and seriousness with which people across the world watched, discussed, dissected, worshiped and lived the show. I finally changed my mind and decided to see what all the craze was about, six years after it first aired! I’ll admit, I’m late to the party, but I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

As I caught up with seasons, binge watching one after the other, I realized I had something more to learn from the series, than just castles, dragons and white walkers. Throughout the series, I couldn’t help but notice, how a purpose, willingness and determination seemed to dominate several characters and their journeys. Here are some life lessons that I found hidden, amidst the magnificence, royalty, gore and grandeur of the show.

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