I often swing between the extremes of sulking on the sofa, binge watching NetFlix, and being inspired and motivated to be my best. While some days I don’t wish to get off the bed, other days I’m up by 5.30 am, ready to kick off my morning routine. Some days my hair is  a mess, my lipstick haphazardly applied, my nails chipped and by my clothes are stained, while on other days, I’m polished from head to toe, ready to walk the runway if I were to come across one. Some days I am groggy, sleepy and arrogant, while other days I am active, energetic and the most pleasant person you’ll come across. Some days I can’t be forced into a gym even if someone were to push me in, while on other days someone has to push me out of it. Some days I sleep with my makeup on, and forget to switch off the lights, and on other days, I am all about mindfulness and efforts. Some days I am hooked to my phone and ram into a pole, other days I forget my phone at home and still don’t care.

From my experience of swinging between some and other days, I’ve come to realize that I am a happier person on other days – days where I push myself to be a better version of myself, put in efforts and choose the less easier but the more productive option. Granted, we all deserve a lazy day on the couch, joking about how broke we are, or complaining about how hectic life gets, but these days lose their charm when they stay back like a guest who refuses to leave.

I realize now that it’s time to stop swinging between extremes and choose a side. I choose the other days. They may not be the easiest or the most effortless ones, but they make me happy, they make me hold my head up in pride and fall in love with myself, stay at peace, and look forward to all the amazing opportunities life offers.

And with that, I begin my “30 Days to a Better Self” Project. I say better, because we’re all good in our own ways, with the scope of getting better. It’s important to embrace and accept yourself just the way you are, to be able to make positive changes. A better self doesn’t necessarily rise from the dissatisfaction from your current self. In fact, it’s only when you love yourself that you realize you deserve more, and better.

Here’s my checklist, that you’re free to follow too. If you find yourself swinging between some days and other days too, join me in choosing to be a better version of yourself.

1. Morning Routine

I vow to wake up on time, and stick to a morning routine. All successful people have one thing in common, they all have a morning routine. Having a morning routine helps you start your day on a more positive and organized manner. Here’s my morning routine that has helped me have the best of days, that I now plan to stick to.

a. Gratitude journal
b. Read a page of a self help book
c. Have a healthy breakfast

It also helps to start your morning routine a night before, i.e., laying out all essentials for the next morning, the night before – from the clothes you’ll wear to the book you’ll read.

2. Give Your 100% at Work

I vow to give my 100% at work. It’s easy to get distracted or take your work for granted at times. However, when you give your 100 percent at work everyday, the commitment and discipline doesn’t just make you a better employee, but a better human too.

3. Exercise Five Times a Week

I vow to workout five times a week. Find workouts that you can stick to, and release those endorphins. You won’t just be in a better shape physically, you’ll soon find your mind floating in the clouds, thanks to its stress reducing benefits.

4. Eat Healthy

I vow to stop treating my stomach as a trash can. Eating healthy has positive effects both on the body and the mind. A well treated body is your medium for all the memories you’re yet to make, and all the experiences you’re yet to gain. Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated!

5. Eyes up more, and less on the screen

I vow to look up from my phone, and  pay attention to life around me. I also vow to not spend more than an hour watching TV/Netflix on weekdays. Life gets past by you, while you have your eyes glued to the screen.

6. Be Kind

I vow to be kind and polite to everyone I come across. It’s easy to let your ego and assumptions take the better of you, but difficult to damage the repair it does. See the good in people. Let’s be kinder to each other, for we never knew who’s fighting a battle we know nothing about.

7. Don’t Indulge in Gossip

I vow to not gossip, no matter how interesting the story gets. It’s an unhealthy practice that you’re better off without. Avoid speaking negatively about people, judging them or putting down their actions.

8. Practice Self Care

I vow to practice self care. Self care may include several practices from following a skin care regimen, making time for a hobby, to practicing meditation for peace of mind. Choose your priorities and follow them accordingly.

9. Think Positive Speak Positive Be Positive

I vow to choose positivity. Negativity is easier to drift to, but hard to live with. Consciously choose to think, speak and be positive. Pay attention to the words you use when speaking about life, things you think about, and never give up hope. The best is yet to come.

10. Dress Up

I vow to dress up for my own good. When you put in the effort to dress up and turn up in your best, you convey the message that you take yourself seriously. You sure do deserve your pyjama days, but on days that your appearance speaks for you, make sure it uses the best words.

11. Stick to Your Words

I vow to follow through what I say, no matter how big or small, and stick to my promises. Imagine how beautiful the world would have been, if we had all kept our words and promises.

12. Respond, Don’t React

I vow to be a better listener. Listen to respond, not to react.

I am excited for this change, and can’t wait to see the impact this project has on my life and me. If you’ve made it this far to the checklist, it’s probably a sign you should give it a try too!


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