Soulmates. Unlike fairy tales, they don’t come riding on white horses or in princess’ gowns. They’ll enter your life when you least expect it. Sometimes, they’ll be right next to you all along, but it may take ages for you to recognize them. Sometimes you’ll have to kiss a lot of frogs before you reach them, sometimes you won’t.

They may or may not be the best looking person you’ve ever seen, but that won’t even be a matter of concern. Souls aren’t superficial like our minds. They connect with the ones that make them feel like home. When you meet them, you know. Even if you don’t, your soul does, not in a poetic sense per say, but in a more intuitive way. They won’t turn your life into a fairy tale. Instead, they’ll sit with you while you fight your ghosts, and keep reminding you that you write your own story, and with a company like that, who wouldn’t want to take charge of their own story and make it a beautiful one?

They be won’t be perfect, but are they supposed to be? How else would you enjoy their imperfections and quirks? How else would you learn to put up with each other? How else would you recognize your own imperfections? Most importantly, how else would you convince yourself that someone so magical, is actually human? You will however, learn to fall in love with all of their imperfections. Even the one that gets onto your nerves and ends up being the reason for constant arguments. That is when you don’t put them on a pedestal, but instead, sit with them and help them fight their ghosts too. Life may or may not become easier after they arrive, but it sure won’t suck as bad.

They’ll be the shoulder you want to cry on, in your bad times, they’ll be the hug you want to jump into, in your good times. They’ll change forms, to be there for you through everything you face, good, bad and ugly. It won’t always seem too good to be true though. There will be testing times too, but through it all, that feeling of comfort, that feeling of being “home” in their presence, will still remain the same.

They won’t be your one stop solution for every problem you face in life. They’ll help you look for answers within, instead. That’s the beauty of soul mates. They never compete to look like your hero. They are okay being ordinary, and turning you into the hero of your own life.

They won’t be dreamy. They’ll challenge you every day, they’ll push you, they’ll open up your closet of skeletons and make you uncomfortable, only to make you realize you like it this way, to be your best, even if the process makes you uncomfortable. The paradox though, occurs when you find yourself to be the most comfortable you ever were, not just with them, but in your own skin.

They won’t just land up in your life suddenly and teach you the meaning of life. It’s your job to find it. They will however, add some much needed adjectives to it.

Soulmates. They’ll never be the kind that you read about in books, and watch in movies. They’ll be imperfect, they’ll be real, and that is what makes them so relatable, so human, and so loved.

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